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Show on KIRO radio ninety seven three FM. It is K these here. Mics gone, which means the Mike bought. It's taken the place of the live. My Lord, your standards to the extent that you actually allow people to like you. That's Mike is in there. That's a keeper. So lots to get to even this hour. Candy is one more love song. Do I this Valentine's Day, you're talking about rob? Rob McKenna chat with us about the case basis might have against the parent company of the national choir in the talk about the secret history of women in coding, which was a fascinating article. I tried to read in the New York Times, but they have a subscription wall. So had to go find extracts of it to reach for free because they don't have a subscription to the times not going to get one start here. You might be stuck out and traffic, and you might be saying, hey, Where'd by shoulder driving go. I thought it could drive on the shoulder when it safe you can drive on the shoulder. And you're a love me about that harps. Can I tell you and I call candy Harper. I call candy Harper harps or the you name is candy Harper. I still can't tell if that bugs you it's not my name. It doesn't bother me. It's just weird when you could just say candy is that hard. Good for you. Because you don't think candies a real person's name? I like your name. I like candies always favorite names. I when I would like someone I start to create nicknames for him. Always have what is Andrew's producer, Andrew nickname. No his one yet. Okay. What about Sean who's our technical producer? Does he have a nickname? Yeah. But we don't talk about public. Okay. What about Tracy Taylor? Who does our transportation? Taylor traffic. All. All kinds of names Ray is that what you just not Taylor call. You do. Call me t Taylor. See what I'm saying? Just get a nickname of not telling the dope. My producer Bildt radio show. Young Tom still call them young Tom to this day. I got a nickname maker. That's what I do. And that's how you actually make a friend. The Mike hits. Again, the Mike bodies on it might. Yeah. So this thing of people driving can't drive the lines. Can I tell you why I want I just want to remind everybody who's having a ninety minute commute where t Taylor. The ninety minute commute is that's now down to eighty and that's Bellevue Everett Bellevue to Everett. The Washington State Department transportation said all we can't build lanes to abate congestion. And then when the congestion got really bad they said, oh, we'll let you drive on the shoulder out. People are gonna reminder of the department of transportation, or when we need to will pay a new lane with spray paint. But we can't solve congestion that way. Okay. The problem is they loud you to do the shoulder. Driving off a four zero five alleviate some of these and then Tracy is it not snow? Sorry. The snow is the reason why you can't be on it right now tonight. Yeah. So hang on. Let me let me double check the camera really quick. But they say there's some snow and slush accumulation out there. But it's raining. So we have had people text at nine eight nine seven three Saint spread. It me. Ask seem that's kind of what I'm hearing too. It's been closed for a couple of days to guys. So I'm just saying I I have this thing about wash dot everybody knows. I could just see the wash that exists now. It's hurts and people now, let's dot physically hurt him. Let's just make the commute worse selling. It's been dictate when you're talking about the fall. Oh, it is because they're so mad about the four or five tolls. So the four or five tolls. The story is this that they were given an opportunity to quote test. Whether tolls would work, you're going to charge rich people for a faster drive in shove, poor people into the nonpaying lanes is that can work. Yep. It's gonna work. Everybody knew it was gonna work. We know the intended or at least I do toll every road in the United States are in Washington. So there's a Bill now to change the parameters of the toll lanes why? Because there were two things they had to meet speed, right and price. Right. So our attorney general Bob, Ferguson said and means or. In that case and means or same guy who says sheriffs are putting into this risk. Putting us at risk by the way. It's okay to have heroin saying, it's not speed or price. It was both exactly and Bob Ferguson said in this case and means or. Yeah. Bob, Ferguson said this the statute can be read to mean, the only have to. Yeah. No. It could also be read to me. It's a recipe for tomato soup. If you choose to read it that way, correct? That's not a benefit to the driver on the east side. Right. It's one or the other. No you had to reach both. They never did. And hence the soldier driving that you can do right now. So there's a Bill to change the parameters they say the Bill would create an alternate metric, this is my bureaucrat voice, an alternate. Metric determined by the department in conjunction with the federal highway administration. What would that metric be if it is not price and it is not an alternate metric? It. It is not an alternate universe. You need an actual metric that you can tell me. Time and it's not speed. But if you're washed up, it could be internal pain or price could be internal frustration blood pressure. It'd be measuring people's eyeballs that popping out Senator Curtis. King says he's not getting it. He's a ranking member of the transportation committee. He isn't buying it. You know, it's a way to get the pressure off of them. But I think there needs to be pressure. We're we're collecting millions of dollars from the people that are in these toll lanes, and they need to be assured that it it's gonna be worth their while. So for the first three years of four or five express toll lanes generated nearly seventy five million dollars that doesn't million more than what they thought. Yeah. At forty what happens when you steal someone's property.

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