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And then the lightning round is over. Are you ready? Here. Let's go to Alexander in New Jersey Alexander Peru. Jim thanks for taking the call. You bet. They wouldn't you think about this armored transport company that moves cash and they're getting into moving cannabis now Ezio, it's Brinks. What do you moving money to canvas stores? Okay. Listen, I think this brings down tickets the I thought it was great quarter. I think the stock is a by reason wherever it's really good. Christopher in California clipper. Away from your thoughts on sangam for flukes event. Several medical stuff from the past few also. Keelboat for unified on curious. What was the one? I'm sorry. You know, what I look it's a great spec. I mean, it really is member has disappointed before. But I do agree. It's a great spec. Let's Damian in Florida Damian how you doing man I still record on the eve Yar, man. The. Well, you stumped the chump man Email. I don't know that one six six his for treks tricks is for kids. I don't know. Let's go to Dame Eleanor grave. Grave. Apart from overcoming the fool of Corey double throwing arkie I'm doing well. How you been? Well, I'm trying to get over this thing of alshon Jeffery visited elementary school in Philadelphia who still terrific, and I'm so here for state, what's up, what's in your mind. Jim I stack today when that you really dressed at one market Dublin headquartered bed product and PT gay. It's a total winner and BT stock is up free. I say would start being bought and here it goes in. Dave, I want to be the first right now you and I'll ever gonna wish Regina Gilbert Abusir happy birthday 'cause we're gonna be all birthday is. And I know the Senate, otherwise if we were opened for trading. That's Jennifer know-how, Jennifer. Hey, Tim, Jen. Your life on to do with the autumn down. Thirty percent of all position. It's missed three of the four quarters and it Newport's February seven. Yeah. You know that was his situation. It had a great CEO. And after we just can't go there. Let it rally little then Ron sorry. I mean, it was just to our company, but I I'm not in birth getting. Let's cut Kristen California. Please chris. Road. You're doing. Oh, well, I guess how are you? Calling from those California located investment in county. What's up? Hey, so after the more contempt December two thousand eighteen took the opportunity reposition some of my holdings in by basically traded by your own plot stock in Kiev. Collectively were today that all right? Well, there's Hansel stocks. But the winning particular I'm ball and ask you about. Yeah. It's called the GW pharmaceutics via form. I mean, I look I gotta tell you. I thought that was all the we will cannabis fluent around that these guys would not be recognized. But the stock is coming back member. They are the ones that Dr skipper spot is the poor uniform amount of cannabis and that is not devil the cannabis companies. So I can understand why that stop you go hard here. Let's go to Ross in Virginia. Ross. Hey, Jim, we love your show, my wife, and I are both the best is in the market. We love your show most we appreciate what you do for folks. Like us, you're put money to work. So thank you. The big eagles fans Gobert so Okany as a kid as a kid growing up in Michigan. I as Chemical Bank and trust now chemical thank for tell me Jim today. So plus my invested in chemical thing. I don't know. I gotta do work. Sorry, be stumping ago, the facts of the banks have been so painful, I can't just say. Yeah. Your point. I can't. I mean, I I was struck. And I gotta take keeping scam. Two percent of what what was okay. I mean, that's not what I wanted to see. Let's go to Anthony New York. Anthony, they recalled slowly through two guys. I just talked to couple from California. They really got the junior. What's going on? On the listen thankful with specialty EPF often in a in twenty thirteen men who had all rents and company co founder gave the brain on your show that that that companies for nothing that are high out in monthly give.

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