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Online for the Ashley store nearest you. It's four 28. Traffic and weather together on the 8th, we go to Joe Conway now on the traffic center. Dell will start off in Maryland I 95 stop on the crash was near one 75 at last report only one lane was able to get through quite heavy and steady, leaving one 75 trying to get toward leaving 100 rather toward one 75. It sounds as if they may have cleared some of that out of the way, but nevertheless you're stolen in a delay. Had an earlier big problem on two 95 notebook on your one 75 that's been cleared to some lingering delays And now what should be just weekend highway volume on the Baltimore Parkway in Maryland two 95. At the Chesapeake bridges two eastern three west, no delays at the bridges to speak of, maybe a brief delay eastbound westbound slowing as you leave Kate Sinclair on your way toward two in the severn, but that's, again, should be volume some of that into sunlight. I 70 southbound often on slow, a two 70 rather, south gun slowing as you'll leave I 70 most of the way toward clarksburg with lanes available. Marilyn Bellinger reports of any major problems, except for the adult of which is still slow, in Montgomery county, old Georgetown road to the American legion bridge. On the Virginia ballet, no current issues to talk about for you as you make the drive-through Alexandria Springfield and tysons, 66 a good ride inside and outside the beltway 95 south, standard volume delays newington to woodbridge, north on slowing through Fredericksburg thornburg and a brief delay in your Dale City, easy pass lanes or northbound on 95 and three 95. I 81 quarter mostly thinning out, you'll still be off and on to breaks as you make your way south and my 66 toward Woodstock, but getting better all the time. In the district on three 95 southbound standard delays from the Thursday of the Afghan case, north bend, come across the four G street bridges over toward the case bridge in the tunnel. On two 95 southbound jammed each inhabited towards east capital street, north bend delays through the interchange at Pennsylvania avenue, crash on southern avenue, was had things closed off in the stretch between Pennsylvania avenue and Massachusetts avenue and police would direct. We are brought to you by Papa John's if you're a pepperoni lover try Papa John's to do pepperoni crested, papaya, with pepperoni on the inside and outside only a Papa John's. I'm Joe Conway WTO traffic. Thank you. Now let's get your storm team four four day forecast. And into every life, a little rain must fall. So enjoy Sunday. Here's NBC four. I mean, Android today. Here's NBC four smart Theodore. As we continue to enjoy the weekend with high pressure across our area, high pressure will be moving quickly to the east out of our area to be replaced by a low pressure system with a very strong

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