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Is the only solution to the border christ mr trump has been on capitol hill meeting late this afternoon this republican leaders earlier today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said there was backing for this measure all of the members of the republican conference support plan that keeps families together while their immigration status is determined texas republican john cornyn my hope is this is not going to be something we're going to do over matter weeks and months but something we could do in a matter of days hopefully this week arizona republican jeff flake let me tell you when the president is saying that this is all on the democrats but it's their long that's just not right that's not true new york democrat chuck schumer president alone can fix it with this flick of a pen by signing a presidential order to end the agonizing screams of small children who've been separated from their parents mr president elect jim my ten outside headquarters of customs and border protection a protest today rabbi astor putting cages around our children return these children now senator democrat bill nelson tried to enter a detention facility for kids in the miami area but he could not they are now embarrassed and don't want us to check on the comfort and welfare of these children this is absolutely ridiculous i

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