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This year was me back to the phones in just a moment Jim van said earlier today that people who listen to this program are in a bubble that we're not being told you're not going to tell the truth the things out there because we are not respecting verbatim the word of all the authorities and so forth and I want to give you an illustration of how they are the ones in the Bible and we're not in your not at CNN they just discovered that Corgan works now we have been telling you about Clark within the Z. pack and we've been asking where are the three or the stories on the success of this combo of drugs because we know that Clark Quinn is affected it's being proven effective and we're wondering why there aren't any more stories on it than there have been and we know why because social distancing is like your social distancing is the order of the day and it boggles my mind there there's the U. P. university of Pittsburgh Medical Center says they're on the road to a vaccine that story out to be bigger than it is now the city of Toronto has banned public events through the end of June anyway I want you to listen to this this just moments ago Anderson Cooper talking with doctor Sanjay Gupta he's there had medical guide he said president trump was a feel safe about this derivative of Clark when a small study said it'd help with moderately ill patients is the key here the that they were not severely ill patients or do we know much about this we want in the middle of of.

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