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Two dollars two dollars zero Magic Johnson. Yes. Two dollars for music, sovereign interesting. I'm sorry. I asked a Magic Johnson. It was reported last week that Adrian Woking arouse ski said that Luke Walton gave Magic Johnson Magic Johnson gave Luke Walton scolding a tongue lashing expecting better results from the Lakers. And there are couple of things about this. One. And I've told you this before and man the Lakers got mad about it. But they know what's true. Like, they have trouble. Finding Magic Johnson. Sometimes. And so I told you before that Magic Johnson has been successful for a very long time. Magic Johnson's probably not going to do the dirty work. He's just going to show up as LeBron's peer and yell at Luke Walton. When they find him. He scolds. I mean, Matt Magic Johnson. Let me explain to you a little bit about this man's historic and patients as a man who's had success across a lot of different businesses. His coaching career lasted sixteen games. He was five and eleven he got a Jek did. And the highlight of it was he took a lot of develops beeper and threw it against the wall, shattering it. Because he got mad during one of the that's an old story right there. Devante beeper diva can be per that's an old story. It's hoped blahdy devotes beeper and he lasted sixteen games. The man is not about in any way patient. He came out of school after saving basketball and won the championship as a rookie. He's not waiting around for three and four year windows. He's here for right now. And so if what gets trampled is Luke Walton then get out of here. Luke, walton? Magic Johnson very early in his career. God is coach fired. But there's no way magic thought even getting LeBron James when he put this team together that it was going to be good right away. Not the guys he put to get not Rondo Imagine. imaginative. If I think Magic Johnson put anything together, he expects it to be successful e mmediately vans. Had nothing might think about listen to what this is not like what LeBron has played for before. This dudes up peer like this is not. But Pat Riley could have thought he's in charge. But he's not he wasn't in charge. I mean, he he's in charge of his organization, but LeBron showed you that he has the power, and when he leaves Riley. He saw his shows you what happens he takes winning with. Yeah. Lebron came to Miami, not necessarily wanting to emulate, Pat Riley. He went to Elway trying to be a mogul and learning he is never worked for someone. Like this who he knows is him. Magic Johnson has had success in all industries. Magic Johnson is the blueprint for how LeBron James is going to work, Los Angeles. How they're playing sow was kind of similar. Well, I mean magic was for twenty one from three in one thousand nine hundred eighty two not quite but but the position lists. He was head of his time. Correct. Even by the standards of impatience, though, you give it more than ten games. I mean, the Lakers started, oh and three I think and they've been more competitive since but to me one of the fascinating things about this NBA season is going to is going to be to see LeBron James scramble all season for seven three seed. I mean, it's going to be a season-long fight for him. I think this is about the Sacramento Kings the kings being head of you in the standings. We'll make you do some crazy thing..

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