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Thirteen so somewhere before thirteen I got into this claustrophobia thing there was no, one's gonna, walk into a cave because it just. Seemed like you know you can't get out the? Other side so why would I wanna walk. In this way If there had been done entrance or an exit. On the other side I might have been okay with it I don't know, but when, I hear the story and I see. This story but these soccer players it's just unbelievable They were teens I, just you know Unbelievable that'd before, they got back home they had an opportunity to give their. Kind of the deal, this happened this morning the news conference which is, up on our website eight. Fifty WFL dot com the big. Ordeal is. Finally over they, dated the boys say were taken. Out of the cave so experts believe they won't remember, much about the rescue but it can have a very good. Memory of, everything else I mean, I don't even know what. To say about this but these. Kids should. Be they're going, to be treated as heroes they're. Already talking about a Hollywood movie about this incredible eighteen, days in a freaking cave with water up to their chest I mean just gives me chills just thinking about almost said thrills Chills, thinking about it Adam, in Hollywood how are you today Adamy there Hello. Go ahead you're on the air So. You're. Not on. The air all right Some of these things are just..

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