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Said dead cells is a rogue like Metro Vania game developed by motion twin so this game was in early access for a year leading to its release on August seventh. Twenty eighteen is available on P._C.. Mac playstation four xbox one and Nintendo switch and dead cells is also coming to mobile devices in twenty nine thousand nine and for this review. I played it on the Nintendo switch so in the opening scene you see something drop from from the ceiling. It approaches dead body. Suddenly this courts comes back to life you dust yourself down and you set off to turn a fight your way out of a prison that's crawling with enemies as you go you gain weapons and armor and upgrades as you defeat enemies enemies they dropped cells which you collect and turn in for various unlock items and bonuses that sells uses a PERMA death system once you die you go back to the star of the game losing yourselves and all of the items so dead cells can be described as a rogue Vania that combines procedurally generated rogue like style with an action exploration Metro Vania game so the main protagonist in the game is a collection of cells who takes control of a dead prisoner of the style of each turn as as you explore through a series of randomly generated Dungeons Fighting Nasties you collect weapons abilities power ups food and money so as I say the levels are procedurally generated keeping the game feeling fresh each time is random platforms at formed obstacles and enemies and items combat in the game feels so good to with fluid and fast failed to the action a key part. The game is how good the game feels. It's a similar feeling to that of gun playing destiny as you can towage been polished over years and years of development of Bungee. It's hard to describe but you've just got to experience it to failure feels absolutely fantastic but do be where you're going to die and dead cells and as a fundamental part the game I'm learning enemy styles and tactics for being the bosses or as they're known keepers a great part of the game is a twitch integration allowing for viewers to influence the game via chat such as voting for upgrade paths and it's a really neat feature pages. It promotes the game with streamers audiences because of that kind of two way interaction model. There's not much of a story to dead cells but due to the addictive gameplay it doesn't really matter there's a sense of dark human. The game which comes across pretty well L. and the game takes place on unnamed island and the main character is referred to as the prisoner according to the guard. The prisoner was executed for some reason that reason isn't really detailed each time the prisoner dies the island reconfigures figures itself which is kind of a law reason for the robe-like mechanics in the game and apparently the island is a living organism evolves over time the game looks and feels absolutely fantastic. The Pixel is beautiful and fluid fluid as well as looking great. The design is really really good to allowing you to take all the numbers required like damage and upgrades sound design is on point too with a great soundtrack and audio design allowing you to Orientate in your surroundings innings and understand the differences between regular and critical hits for example dead cells looks great and feels even better and what makes it a winning combination is that level of risk reward and progression so I started off the game meekly we're going through the levels slowly but surely I finally reached the first keeper and was swiftly dealt with and killed. I felt like throwing the switch down but then as I went through again this time faster and faster and I reached that key again and I._B._M.. In a short amount I time it feels great and I can really feel myself getting better at the game as I play through in terms of weapons in the game you got space for kind of to mealy weapons. He got ranged weapons spells and shields so you've also got to Utah grenades or deployable traps and all of these color-coded Purple Green or red throughout the level you can pick up random weapons and items dropped from enemies or you can buy new gear at the end of a level and as well as new gear in between the level with the vendor is also mutations where you can apply certain buffs and boost your skills for example you can add a temporary buff to act fifty percent to your weapons post kills as you progress the levels the secret scrolls confined to boost your damage and tactical weapons and health allowing you to survive for longer and hit harder. There's a range of weapons in the game expanded even more by the recent D._l._c. rise of the giants came out this week the swords spears bows narrows whipped grenades fire and ice attacks and the player Camman combinations of weapons answer the personalization of your build random weapons NAMA do play a factor here but you can create some. Awesome builds the dead cells. It was initially launched on P._C.. Back in on May the tenth in two thousand seventeen in early access which led to some useful feedback to audiences before releasing the full version on August the seventh twenty thirteen thing and since its initial release is won many awards including the Best Indie game at twenty eighteen golden joystick awards best action game at game awards twenty eighteen and was no one eight of best independent game as well so the game was developed developed by motion twin hours aside on Nintendo Switch P._S.. Four xbox one P._C.. and Mac and its original release date was August seventh two thousand eighteen and we gave it a fine school of eighty one hundred food so fantastic game. They're really really enjoyed myself. But what about you. Have you played that sells. What do you think about the deal? Sea Rise to the giant. Send me an email at podcast at this week in video games dot com and let me know what you think about red cells right so that's it for me. I've been playing this week but don't forget if you're enjoying this week in video games focused that head on over to itunes and leave us a nice review. It really helps us get the word out about the PO- cost so if you've got access to I tunes be great if you go over there and leave us a nice review. It'd be very very much appreciated and don't forget this week in video. Games has a youtube channel that goes along side with the podcast. The Youtube Channel has the entire archive of the podcast as well as dedicated reviews interviews and features so search this week in video games on Youtube and subscribe today for all the latest content and are willing to the youtube channel in the show notes and if you want to say anything specific diffic- on Youtube send an email to podcast this week in video games dot com. It'd be great to hear from me and I'd like to thank all of you out there listening to the podcast each week not only do we get listeners from the U._k.. Or U._S._A. and Canada from all around the globe as well so I wanNA say thank you to listeners in Colombia Cambodia Romania Peru Ukraine the Maldives Pakistan Estonia Croatia and Chile as well say thank you to each and every one of you. I'd love to hear from you wherever you are in the world what games you're playing and where you listen to this week in video games so send me an email on podcast this week can be oh games dot com be fantastic to hear from you and involved in the show so next up. Let's take a look at the news of the week okay so I up in the news this week. Sonic the hedgehog movie has been delayed and in a move that surprises no one this movie has been delayed so the sonnet movie trailer was announced back in April and there was a backlash over the character design and it was so bad that the director Jeff Fowler said team. We're listening to some feedback so Jeff said on twitter thank you for the sport and the criticism the message is loud and clear you aren't happy with design and you want changes is going to happen everyone at paramount and Sega a fully committed to making this character the best he can be so the movie was originally slated for November twenty nine hundred release however now that's being pushed back to February twenty twenty suggest fowler came out on twitter again this week and he said taking a little bit more time to make sonic just write Hashtag Novia fix artists were harmed in the making of this movie which is low bit of tongue-in-cheek poker some of the feedback that came out from Jeff's initial tweet so originally Jeff said when the movie would be redesigned many assume that the release date of the movie wasn't going to change and the movie production would reflect the crunch. The often happens in the games industry so this appears not to be the case as the movie's been pushed back a few months to accommodate all the changes which I'm sure is fantastic news to all the animators they're still going to be a huge task to redesign the sonic character and it will be interesting to see what the reaction is when the Carrot D'Amato comes out again because they have kind of set a precedent by making changes to do to a backlash so that could be a dangerous precedent to set. I guess we'll see in the coming months next up in the news. The new call of duty is going to be named modern warfare fair and this is going to be named call of duty modern warfare which may sound a little bit familiar as call of duty for was also called modern warfare and the game is being developed by infinity ward which was one of the original original developers of college for modern warfare back in two thousand seven and the news was announced on twitter with Jason. Try confirming what long sensation had previously tweeted earlier in the day so we don't know too much about this year's entry just yet however eighty three is coming out soon and it's likely we're going to get some more details on the game I e three. I'd imagine because activision don't have too many games coming out this year. I think they're really kind of pushing behind cooler duty to get back to it's kind of cultural phenomenon the once was and they have been reports this year's e three. There's going to be a campaign mode which was missing from Koiji blackhawks four as I mentioned before to cool duty isn't really what it was and the market is now saturated with low good shooters including fortnight Apex Legends Ghost RECON destiny and obviously since Kula duty came out. We've had the a battle royale phenomenon really happen so the market for Kuijt really has changed. There's a whole load of competition out there so it'll be interesting to see what activision do and if they plan to make any kind of free to pay elements in this this game. I've heard I've heard rumors that maybe there's going to be some kind of free to play battle Royale element but perhaps there's going to be paid for campaign and multiplayer mode so as I say we don't know too much. The moment is quite all of rumors going round and hopefully R. E.. Three starts in a couple of weeks time now. We'll get some more details on the game. minecraft has sold one hundred seventy six million copies and it was my birthday day this week and it was ten years old and is clearly one of the most successful Games ever some minecraft as a say so one hundred seventy six million copies to date in virtually every country in the world according to a blog post from monk soft WBT subpar birthday celebrations included in announcement of minecraft earth which is new free to play orbited reality game that will bring the creative nature of minecraft to the real world according to monk soft so I guess it's kind of like <hes> pokemon go and the other Harry Potter game. That's coming out as well. I think the Harry Potter game is closer to Pokemon. Go we go round and find find various characters in the game whereas whereas minecraft minecraft earth monks off say so you got the game mechanics really simple you explore your neighborhood to find blocks.

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