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Thank you so much. I got a good one here. And it's from Alex p it's from Yahoo answers user, a cash and we've never really done like this. I thought it'd be a fun. So a conversation starter on this lighten loose third Halloween episode of the year, a cash cash asks would you rather have a cat with a human face or a dog with human hands? Instead of paws a cat with a cat with a human face, still meows. Sure, we assume. Let's let's Gillette in finish. Because that Travis just brought up something that's gonna really change the dynamic akara human face or dog with human hands instead of paws, correct and fee or four hands. Yeah. That's that was. Yeah. Yeah. Just says hands instead of paws. So I was assuming too but could in four no, it has to be just to I can almost wrap my mind around that. But there's something about it having four hands. Yeah. That's really because I could see the dog than maybe walking on Tyne legs and having hands allow like the funny dog from family guy. But like love him. I love the way drinks, but the idea of four human hands plodding along on the ground to many states more than I have it's more than I have in there for he would pose a threat to me and my family's safety. I mean, he's. Going to with two hands forehands. We're all done, right. Yes. This is so tough because it's like the face cat is gonna be no good, especially if it talks human language. That's no good. That is Sobat. I'll be like peeing, right? And like the cat will be in the bathroom because that is where her food bowl is. And like she'll look at me. And it's fine because she's a cat. But now imagine that was a human face. Yeah. That's rough. It is rough. It's gonna look and the thing is the law of Doppler Ganga's says that it will look exactly like somebody on earth. Yeah. I don't know who it could be anybody. What if it looks like you, Jacqueline, whatever it looks like my brother, just what if it looks like just in dresses wolverine, it's impossible to say, I wanna give counterpoint like this isn't actually a very good question. I think at this point. Yes. The problem. I have with Dogwood has is this you've created this crime, right? This crime against the natural order that shirt a live in a lot. I mean, a lot of spiritual and sort of existential pain, and what you've done is. In addition to making it monster more Mosser than canine. You've also all the equipment needs to use a gun. And that I ate that. I hate I hate the that it can now use use tools, and including tools,.

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