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The wall. Time now to take a look on the daily at the stray Lian newspapers. We're joined once again by Monica's Sydney correspondent classes bag. Montefiore Clarisa unsurprisingly quite a lot of the story. Use these stories in the newspapers in general dominated by the extraordinary results in Wentworth the weekend which we would discussing earlier on the program wanna stop with this from the ustralian by the national affairs editor Simon Benson, and also by Greg Brown saying that a lot of liberal MP's a blaming Malcolm tone bowl, full the loss, how they manage delay this at the door of the outgoing MP. Exactly the Australian front page on Monday, read angry, impedes blade tumble. It was a big headline. I think that obviously when my contender was booted in the leadership spill, he gave up his seat of Wentworth which led led to this election. Now the liberal party has never lost the seat before. In Sydney, it was considered completely safe seat and the loss of it meetings at the future of Scott Morrison. Government isn't the balancing no longer has a majority government. Many people believe the shock result of independent Cameron. Phelps was due to public disenchantment over political backstopping squabbling essentially over the leadership spill and this sort of rolling rotation of prime ministers happening in Australia yet I Rana cly MP's still throwing mud around saying it was tumbles fault for not backing the liberal party candidate. David trauma. As you correctly to voca another string political colloquialism went worth is the state that the proverbial Drovers. Dog could've one for the liberal party. It is a walls, a thought of as completely on lose. -able doesn't not suggest that the liberal party have big problems and Malcolm Turnbull funding better things to do with his spare time than stuff. Let boxes. Yes, exactly. And that's why it's it's sort of it's it's a, it's a bit of a silly thing to go around blaming him. I'm not quite sure what he was meant to do a pop, my guess public endorsement. But unlike Tony Abbott, he didn't want to stick around impolitic. He wanted to get out of the liberal party to get on with things. I think it shows that people are fed up the nipple Ponti like I said, squabbling, but also they feel like the far right has hijacked it to some extent. So Phelps by contrast, she's gay. She's progressive. She's a woman. She's Jewish. She's very, very Ankeny to talk about climate change to talk about asylum seekers on Nihro and getting them off. So she's got very different values than liberal policy has been concentrating on in recent months, almost object, moving seamlessly alone to a story by Helen Davidson in the guardian. This is revealing the. Complement of home affairs and destroy his spent half a million dollars in legal fees in the last three months alone, responding to court case. We'll call it applications for medical transfers, asylum seekers on Nauru some of whom I believe have now been moved off the island. This story will not go away for stray in governments assigned from this story will be on this story. Is there any sense that anybody is yet figured out what a long term resolution to this is. That is an an and that's that's exactly the issues you say, obviously, activists here on a great many people of the population. I think the kind of people who voted in Phelps in Wentworth just want want all the children, all the assignments refugees to be taken off Nihro. Finally, the situation to be resolved and for especially children who is still stuck there to get the medical care that they need. There's a growing mental health crisis, at least the guardian reports that at least eleven children have been transferred in recent days alone and doctors reporting things like resignation syndrome, which is a reaction to extreme troll. No children refused eat, drink, leave the bed even to go to the toilet and occasionally come toki on responsive. With the guardian. This is picking up the story of a court case, which I know is is gripping I certain amount of struggling media and terrifying yet other parts of a strange in media because this is the the defamation trial launched by Geoffrey Rush the very well known actor against Sydney's Daily, Telegraph tabloid. Basically, what was the gist of the telegraph story. Well, the teddy the daddy telegraph ran a front page story with the headline King Lear, and that is spelled l..

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