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Clinton had the heart attack no end they're hardly ever it was it was between shows right so so even then is yeah but these guys are like the comedians who do smoke weed they're comfortable on stage when they're when they're high and they're and i hate to say this because i don't want to sound like you know to pro drug here but they are funnier when they're high they think differently than the audience who's either just you know slightly buzzed or drunk or sober and and they think differently and they come up with funny stuff like george carlin george carlin the end didn't smoke a lot of weed when he was writing or performing but when he would when he was done writing his ninety minute show he would then i think smoke a little weed and then go over it i'm not saying on stage but i mean yeah making corrections and stuff but that was very funny that's hysterical all right tomorrow it's going to be ninety two degrees in the valley and the empire ninety degrees here comes summer man here comes this a whole summer it's going to be eighties and nineties all the time now oh this is our last last date with the sixties this week and now she's going back to new jersey for the summer or new york wherever she goes and we're never gonna see her again until october november late october early november i don't think we'll see another day in the sixties ma'am i think it's done it was good it was fun but now it's gone here comes the air conditioning bills that's by gotta get solar man five live on kfi will check them annoying next what's going on benders a thirteen year old boy who disappeared while taking the trash out to an alley behind his home in lamar park has been found safe was at a taco bell the team was last seen last night police say the kid ran away because he was upset he had too many rules to follow at home home a registered sex offender who led police on a chase in a motor home from l a to kern county has been arrested the la county sheriff's department says the man was caught in a rail yard in.

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