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A livia. Wild and harry styles were spotted holding hands at as off sweating now. Before we get into this. I wanna pause right here and insert a clip of me predicting either florence hugh pugh or libya wild. We're going to try to date harry styles. And i wasn't sure which one it was gonna be but considering that florence has not officially ever announced her breakup with zach. Braff and for all. I know they're still together. I think my prediction came pretty true. Is it really sense. Don't know am i gonna use. Am i gonna find the clip and insert it right here. You're damn straight so enjoy honestly. I've heard that florence. Pugh in zach braff are breaking up on a break or just like kind of on the rocks and then olivia broke up with her bill and conveniently olivia and florence. Pugh are about to be in a movie with harry sil- so sounds like they wanna get down with harry styles. Can't blame them. Okay back to present day. So i don't have a lot to say about this because harry loves an older woman. I think that this might be the first time he's dated someone in public. Who has kids has two kids. Jason davis we talked about how her and jason were never married but obviously they had a very serious relationship. And so i don't think it's out of the norm for harry to be dating someone six years or i'm sorry ten years his senior. She is thirty six. he is twenty six. I think they're kind of cute together. It's hard for me to look. Pass my jealousy with anyone dating harry styles. It is such an irrational thought. And i realize it's like i want. I fully fully realized how irrational it is to get jealous over someone dating someone. The i literally don't have a chance in hell to ever even like share a friendly kiss with and again you guys know i'm all about manifesting but i m so beyond aware that all i can really manifest as a friendship with harry styles because there is no way in hell that we would ever have a romantic relationship like i am painfully aware of that fact i am not a model. I am not olivia wilde. I like to think he wanted to be around me for my personality. But i'm just i'm not going to cut it..

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