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Ivanka security guard don't walk him to his core three quarters, eight Peterman three-quarters, Nate Allen. He said, I'm dumbing football for advert. Sam darnold came back down to earth and week two. That's where the rest of us live darnold threw for three engined thirty four yards. A touchdown and two picks including one in the end zone in a loss to the Miami Dolphins. Snick your thoughts on darnold and week to get used to this part of his game jets fans. It was excellent week. One came back from the turnover, but a guy who had twenty plus turnovers. His last year USC is not going to magically fix that. His first year in the NFL especially starting from game one eight. This doesn't shake my faith that he can be a high level quarterback in this league. But this you're gonna have days like this darnold turnovers cost to your best chance to win. It doesn't kill my confidence in. You're gonna have plenty of days like this. Also. We might look back in November and December and be like the Miami Dolphins are better football team tonight. Expect it. I called her game last week against the titans. I believe they're one of those four or five teams. It will be much improving two thousand eighteen. So. Combination of rookie going against the team, I believe to be improved. I'm moving on. Andrew luck on his first. One of the season threw for two touchdowns and two picks at twenty one to nine win over Washington. See, what did you make of Andrew locks performance this? What we want to see? We don't see Andrew out there. You can't throw. The two picks. One got bad at everything because they're not just going to be able to overcome it, but he's going to be one of the best quarterbacks that we have in the league. He's still got some rust, so I wouldn't be surprised if he just struggled a little bit early, but winning getting your team on the winning bus last week came up a little bit. Short, going against Cincinnati was able to get doesn't big win for him. He's been out of football, right? Big win for him into big win for the colts. Also that Washington, we made their week. One dominating win against Zona more about them. After you see Arizona, it looks like maybe that was more about Arizona's being Washington. Adrian, Adrian Peterson, I think you had eleven carries for twenty one yards. That's that's prising but luck. I'm glad he got through another game healthy. The picks. Were bad, but they won by double digits, brutal brutal loss for the Browns. Zane Gonzales, miss two extra points and two field goals, including one to tie it at the end regulation. The Browns are now winless in nineteen straight games. Sorry, Hugh Nick hats off a loss is this. I mean, only the Browns could get a four and five down six forty, five yard touchdown, strike with a minute left and losing regulation. That seems like a riddle. And they, I mean, they had chance after chance I felt. I mean, Zane Gonzalez's is I mean, he'll get cut, I assume today and I don't know who's going to pick them up. I felt terribly for the guy, but that's what happens. They had every opportunity beat New Orleans and couldn't make it form. I was feeling people lose their job man, especially guys that I don't think are going to get that job back. I always feel badly. I understand your feelings or your problem. That's Chris Carter motto. I have a little more empathy, but I've also never lost retired. He's retired. After the game, give them a right back to Cleveland and, and that's it. He's got at one job. That's the king. Forget about the the field goals. What about the extra point? You extra? Did they open up the dome New Orleans? No, no, they didn't indoors. No, he he's, he's done. He's got to. You got to get rid of them. Look at their Saturday. They cut their white receiver, Josh Gordon before they get on the plane. The team was shocked by this..

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