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Don't let the hurt and the pain inflicted on you. Don't let that change who you are. I know you've got a good heart in if you've got a process that pain because maybe it's making you irritable. It's making you not be kind process. That was somebody are aso encouraging guys to do that. I'm so thankful that you guys join me every week. If you can let me know more guests that you are interested in having or other topics that you want to talk about. Let me now. Like i said i just have so much gratitude for you guys. I just really really appreciate you guys tuning in every tuesday. I know one week. It seemed like the podcast didn't come out on time like it normally does in somebody. Dmz or they tweet. It was like wait a minute show. Where's this week's podcast. So you guys even know when checking in is supposed to be on. The few people have said michelle girl had to binge. Listen to your podcast. So and i've had to catch up. So i thank you for checking in in catching up on all the episodes once again. Tell me what your favorite episode is. I'm really really thankful for you. Guys and remember also love on each other really really love on each other and also. Don't forget i have my five day devotional on the you version. Bible app okay. I'm excited about that in. Thank you to everybody that came to the checking in virtual book tour. I've got some things up my sleeve to do more. Just make sure you keep checking in with yourself if you need help please by all means seek out a therapist. You know one of my favorite things from the book. I just say that our anxiety has robbed many of us of the ability to check in with that inner voice in the voice of god gotta check in with their moments. I check in with god is a. I'm overwhelm know on that book tour. The promo sh- it got hard. Because it's something i i'm doing myself right now. Complaining not whining. It's just. It takes a lot of mental exertion to stay the course. It got really overwhelming. I really need a god to strengthen meat so much. Sometimes conversation with garbage is open honest conversations in the king. James version Kind of overwhelmed. Or sometimes it's just thanking god just gratitude and it's praying for other people is checking in with god for authors going to god on somebody else's bad that's what intercession is when you go to god on someone else's behalf of checking gin is be coming aware of what thoughts you're having over and over in these are usually signs of agreements who've made about yourself internally spiritually mentally and emotionally sometimes life experiences can shape but you have the power to reshape experiences shape you you have the power with how you respond to reshape right. Slide working out. You know you build muscles you know you're biceps by the way out. Stop skipping leg day. Ellas for sure. Please stop skipping leg day. What is going. Oh don't skip leg day right love. You love you ally. But i also love your hamstrings and your quadriceps in your calves. Okay any who just got off track. Okay we'll talk reshaping yourself right like i said it's kind of like working out. You got to reshape yourself by reshaping your thoughts we shaping how you talk to yourself reshaping what you allow people to say to you are right. Maybe people talk to you because that's how you talk to yourself right. So maybe if you stop talking to yourself that way other people will see. Oh yeah. She's not one to play with a radical mess with somebody else. You know okay. Okay okay thank you so much. My birthday has been fabulous. It's been wonderful y'all. We've got some incredible incredible guests that are coming up. I'm really looking for did one looking forward to. I'll give you all a hint. Let's see we got jili from philly. I think is on the way i believe. We got amber riley comment on in the room. I've got some family members that are gonna be checking into the podcast. I've got some male friends that i've been kind of won't miss sit with this kinda year. No pick their brains about things. Wait a minute. Ooh i think kurt franklin is coming on in the bill. Y'all got a pitch some books to. I'm definitely curious of who you think. So i'm excited. I am excited. Iheart radio thank you so much. Black effect podcast network. Charlemagne the god. Thank you so much to my girl. Samantha wilson angela chan. Nicole's spent dali. Listen i'm car names in. I am probably aban how to get in trouble trouble trouble a who thank you so much. Y'all are the best shot. I have one of the best producing teens for checking in holly carter a relevant entertainment. Who made this happen okay. Y'all she walked me iheart.

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