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Yeah bam bam bam bam elliot i wanted to ask you spurs oh the worst friend ross were sprint now he this is played by schwimmer yes who was a paleontologist he is a pen known monkey for not long enough yes and best they were making case for joey i made a case for phoebe being the best team the best and i mean partly because i have friends who basically are phoebe this is someone i could see which one is which one is phoebe phoebe is loose aku lisa kudrow liza key drill yeah one thing about lisa kudo is i had lisa boudreau one time on bullseye and she's cool as shit like talking to lisa i was like man a kudos great i wanna be friends with lisa crew tro executive producer of one of the best genealogy television shows for sure top ten eighty him yeah hey i never i've i've watched one episode of all the way through it was when lisa kudrow came on goals i i watched the pilot of friends i but i've seen many incidental minutes of it on tv but like certainly i don't think like there are parts of my like adolescent identity that i have let go of pretty thoroughly i think certainly being a big fan of the hip hop group arrested development that kind of thing but like i don't think i could give friends officially no and i think at this point probably not i just feel like i'm too much of as i was becoming who i was too much of me was invested in liking seinfeld in hating friends.

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