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Aircraft that, you know one American aircraft one French aircraft in one Russian aircraft. It doesn't work that way where they do have some leverage is they are the central banker oil. I mean, even though we are now in energy independent and we produce a lot of oil cybio oil is the easiest oil to extract. And so that makes it very easy for them to switch on and switch off production in a way that's very hard to do with fracking or Russian oil because these are very expensive projects. And once you put the money and you can't take it out. So the Saudis had that capacity to go on and off. Which makes them very powerful because they can. They can essentially control the price by just turning on the taps are turning off the tops. The issue I think is not so much all that pre. It's just that. I mean, if you're looking for something that's going to end this recovery sanctions on Saudi Arabia, oil spiking one hundred and fifty even in the short term that do it. Yeah. So there are other considerations and we've kind of tied our hands. Can I want to go back to the Trump administration's unfolding response? Is it sometimes the case based on your experience that obviously your hands are tied a little bit and you haven't ally and your ally does something terrible, and there's a lot of pressure from political forces in your own country, even from your own party. Like the Republican senators mentioned to do something about it, but you want to in your comments. Trump has been very careful to say, well, there's been a strong denial. It was very, very strong denial. He believes strong denials, apparently. But then privately, you say to your ally who has done something bad, you send them angry words. And you yell at them. For example, secretary of state Pompeo apparently had a very short meeting. He was dispatched immediately by the president to go meet with NBS. What happens in that meeting somebody say, you know what? You put us in a terrible spot. You do this terrible thing. Knock it off, you know, we're gonna. Knock your block off next time. Don't do it again or do they hold hands and say, look, this will blow over. I'll take care of our opposition in the states of what happens there. My gut is that it's more the former. In this case, my God is that bump probably went into those meetings and he said, look, you guys need to understand. This is a big deal. This guy was an American resident. He's four, Washington Post columnist. This is snowballed. We need a fully transparent account of what happened, you know. And I think that particularly the Trump wouldn't meetings unusual. Usually, there are no takers at these meetings. There are other people involved. It's very rarely, literally one on one. And so there would be very unlikely to say something. That could get back which suggested that he had in some way, given a green light. So both for reasons of propriety which wouldn't be the right thing to say, but also just politically, he would be making sure that he didn't say something that would leave him vulnerable to being seen as having given a green light. So I think that's probably what they said in that, my guess is the Saudis are absolutely stonewalling in the sense that they are absolutely denying any knowledge involvement because if they show any crack on that from that point of view, I'm sure they think would be a disaster. So they have to maintain the line. We knew nothing about this trying to figure out what happened. It's a terrible tragedy, whereas shocked as anybody else the whole. I mean, there's a bizarre element here, which is that holid- bin Salman Mohamed so months brother, who was the ambassador to the US. Many people have thought that when the crime prince becomes king, he collared will become the crown prince. They're that close. He was. Friend of Jamal Khashoggi. So the the, you know, that's as I said, the whole thing is there's a truly bizarre element to this where what the f..

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