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Then baltimore. i'm amy scott in for kai ryssdal. It's monday the twentieth of september. Good to have you along so about that. Vaccine news pfizer and biotech. Say a smaller dose of their cove in nineteen vaccine is safe and effective for children between the ages of five and eleven and that means shots could be getting into the arms of those younger kids by halloween if all goes well with the fda emergency approval process there. Were some pretty happy kids in my household this morning already making plans for what they might do and how they might spend our money. Once they're fully vaccinated and as marketplace's amanda teacher reports. They aren't the only ones looking forward to that day. When tina sherman in north carolina heard about pfizer's latest vaccine trial results. She was excited for her six year. Old son completely choked up and wanted to cry. Her son is the only one of her four kids who is unvaccinated. They have big plans for after he gets shot. Yeah we are going to go to the cheesecake factory and have lunch. And gosh we. We have a slew birthday coming up. So we're gonna get to do baby. Indoor parties but a concepts and all that economic activity could be good for businesses that catered to the under twelve crowd like the backyard indoor playground in golden valley minnesota who've come played have an absolute blast. You go through all these tunnels and there slides built within it there. There are party rooms. Rake bernau is with the city of golden valley which runs the indoor playground. That shut down at the start of the pandemic we of course have had no revenue from that facility For twenty twenty one and in a small town of touch california lauren. Gaza kenyan says her six-year-old. Aria is begging to get back to ballet classes. She absolutely loves dance and she takes it so seriously. It's adorable but even once little area is vaccinated. There's also gaza kenyans three year old son. She'll still be cautious. And you know doesn't end up making you very much less anxious because you still have a child who has a chance of getting set that looming chance that your kid might get sick has been at play for parents making job decisions for months and alicia modestino an economics and public affairs professor at northeastern university says mom's being able to step back into the labor force knowing for certainty that their kids will be able to attend school in person every day with minimal disruption. She says mom's have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic so expanding vaccine eligibility to their five to eleven year. Old kids could make the difference in getting back to work. I'm amanda pitcher for marketplace on wall street today. Not a whole lot of optimism. If you haven't heard the name ever grand yet we'll have details..

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