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Kruger knbr six singh this thing any paran israeli protective of their kids in you know i've never stayed away from criticism i understand that criticism is part of sports but i'd i'd certainly don't think that you know my children or any other children you know really deserve to be in that certainly hope the guy's not fired that's i would i would hate for that to happen yeah they both got a thought yesterday the brady obviously could take the i rode in you don't wanna have uh a young radio host blood on your hand self tall class man could i heard that kid any i just said you know what i don't need to do that and uh politico tom brady had no he's really good i gotta laugh despite larry are grow you'd opened with all our super bowl talk every uh texas about the ball sit in the bay area editor said i have to i guess i had do have to apologize i haven't been to the stanford mall in may be yet here you're foreign five wave way off carry stanford was pretty good before the huge renovation now it's an outstanding mall by far the best mall in the bay area for stores and um beyond okay well listed i will take that may as i have not been there eight nine years or away wait says it's sun valley mall larry not stoned valley yeah you're right you're right sorry sun valley mall sucks not stoned valley overall which doesn't exist and then uh 95 says i liked the broadway plaza and walnut creek south people weighing in on their favorite els i gotta tell you larry last night again kirk cousins joins us in a couple of minutes hopeful ho hopefully and uh.

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