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Oj simpson for a second would have made this movie even better. He actually is one of the better actors in the movie. Lucy sanders loose saunders lou saunders. He was a job. Interviewer guy in cocktail. I should've known that. Obviously job interviewer. He was Two episodes of quincy at officer. Jean fritz and chips yes he looks familiar. Man i used to love quincy. He was in a few episodes of Matt houston saw that father dowling mysteries. He played cop. Jake and the fatman. He played cop number. Two hardcastle mccormick. His name is cover mccormack. Which if that's your first name first name if you're going to be he's like yeah. I know my mom thought it would be funny and became a cop. It's not funny Finder of lost loves He played police officer stingray. He played smitty. He was really miscast in that. I'm sure they had news. Sure you don't want me to be a cop. That's pretty much my thing like no you're going to be stand over there by the corvette shut up Murder she wrote A plainclothes policemen and the episode. He played a policeman in the episode of proof in the pudding. I'm sure you remember that. Nope have you ever found any proof in pudding. No i don't like pudding. You don't like putting. I could probably count on both of my hands. How many times. I've had pudding in my life. It's pronounced putin do. That's even worse watching this gross seventies movie. He say pudding the also. Like everybody's walking around. I mean it's like the dead of night and all this crazy shit's happening. But he what did he do. Did he get out of his car. Walk around and when he comes back the the bodies there yes well the. The burnt body decided it needed. This is this movie is just like the hidden. Okay it is a little bit yes. This is just an alien jumping from body to body. Yeah you're right. Freaking ted white was in the hidden okay. Yes that's what i knew. There was some link to the hidden from this. The burn pepperoni man. He looks like dr fives a little bit very much. So very good. This does not look anything like jensen. Now as a ways away thinner guy. He looks like he kind of looks. Like you know like dr good body. The like the jewish guy was showed you like. Do you remember that guy at all on tv. When i was a kid. I i know what you're talking about. Yes so this burnt up. Charcoal of a man tried to get rid of his demon hand by slamming it in the cop door yet yet. Can you chop off a man's hand like that. And i don't know i saw Daredevil the tv show the guy from full metal jacket Vincent donna frio. He's playing kingpin. And he like decapitate subdued by slamming his head into his like suv door. That's awesome sweet as like. I think i've ever seen killed like bound for there's your bingo card. That's it guys. Write it down head decapitation by car door or d hand station from when you. There's probably a term. Thank you just said it. Be hand- assertion so the hand is crawling around. On the driver's seat of the cop comes and reaches up to honk the horn. Actually this hand is a real like. It's a prankster. Yeah he's a prankster. He's like george clooney or something shitting in the in the cap box or whatever you ever heard that story. god i'm not gonna repeated..

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