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La or majet that young guy john newcombe in and play for the lakers and he's a habit wear number eight or number twenty four just because they did retired boats yeah that would not be a good thing that's a great so i'll take it was the safest to do both my my vote will probably be 24 uh i think that 24 steal equals eight because you've got the twotimes for you know kind of thing but i think that i think the koby's the balance between himself as a player who he was as a man it is as a man you know how to win championships as the the focal point of the team is cetera like twenty four is possible because of eight so i just up soft ally 24 was like that was the complete comprehensive total package like eight was like the young brash like you know he didn't understand a lot maybe at aegis was gone out there just killing it just on what he knew bush forty four was like did best at guide at we kinda came to love instilled appreciate it tires of the way he was it in you know interviewed and talk to report like everything about him to be discontinued grow over time it i think twenty four was like it just summed it all up yeah nuts interesting and i think a lot of people share your opinion that even if they were fans of his from the beginning and and and and road with him through all those years the 24 was like the fully realized kobe bryant and eight was as you point out the guy who's kind of finding his way developing i i you know in whom we had this debate internally here and and we we wrote about it for for bleach report i took the side of eight obviously personal bias those are the here's that i covered he went to 24 off after i left for new york but i feel like everything we know about cobi is is rooted in those years the like that i think that that evolution that he had from 96 stove five six whenever change numbers.

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