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About dessert? Well in Europe. The theme is they have deserved at least once maybe twice a day but it's not like like we deserve. They eat fresh fruit. So they'll have some grapes. They'll have a slice of watermelon. They might have half an apple. The two people split slice. And that's dessert. That's part of their traditional everyday desert. They'll also make something like I put in. Near Blueberry very you know ricotta cheese cake. They will have that for a special occasion. They don't have. It's not a band food thing. It's not like no carbs or or no fat or knowing that this protein there there are no if it's real food it's not banned. It's meant to be enjoyed on occasion. I love that philosophy a yet they save those things for special occasions with people you know so they. It's a fruit is an in a once. Once or twice a day event her dessert and then once in a while on a on a you know Friday evening Sunday afternoon. They'll make a real special dessert like you know a grandma souffle or chocolate Mousse or the cheesecake. I mentioned you know something like that just once in a while just once in a while so when you're speaking with the fishmongers or the market stall proprietors I mean are you speaking to them and their own language. I speak fluent French and Spanish. Oh you do get by in some Italian. It's not great. My Greek is limited. I probably have twenty or thirty words. My Turkish really not so good doll hole. I Won't shame you for that. Having at least two languages really does help so besides English in addition to English now now. Where's your favorite port? Pay Freight favorite port of call yourself about how so many I mean. Take take me with you. Stephen Course. Sailing around Corsica in France was wonderful at a senior is incredible the the food was great. Eight the best food markets. Though were in Spain like Valencia. We spent a week in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast is gorgeous historic town. The market building is like out of Julius Caesar Times. I mean but it's fantastic. They you're tasting everything. They're selling olives olives and pickles and wine and olive oil and dark chocolate and all these things they have you taste before you buy them. I love that so I guess you wouldn't Sale around to the land that would be rougher sailing around literally down the French Atlantic coast around northern Spain around Portugal to dead into into the Mediterranean. Oh that's we started in northern Spain in northern France you bought the boat. They brought the boat in France and then sailed into the Mediterranean then spent a a seven months sailing. Yes so that would have been tough. There's not like an intercoastal waterway that you could've gone just it's open ocean sailing. Yeah wow that's exciting. How big is your boat or did you feed your Catamaran? Nice boat does so. There's kind of a the whole Mediterranean lifestyle though outside I guess absolutely so some of the benefit clearly comes from the nutrients in the food unmistakably mistakenly yet there's other benefits that come from how they live that are clearly make the Mediterranean lifestyle overall and make them return giant. Look good I mean just for an example. They're more active than we are in the. US they walk more. I mean typically they walk to work or bicycle to work or walk to the grocery store every day. We don't really do that. There is a process and whether you're in France or Italy or Spain or Greece people walk in the evening the before or after dinner the whole family goes for a stroll and they might be out want instead of watching a screen. Whether it's their computer television thorughout walking in the community in visiting people so there's social connection with the two and then when they eat their meals are long leisurely. I don't think think we ever had a meal in Europe. In a seven month period. That was under ninety minutes really inao leisurely no way we do that. It's leisurely and it's with people. For example. We had a couple of times workers on the boat mechanic. Or someone you know sailmaker or something. Eighteen and I'm making recipes right and so I'm saying hey. Would you like to try this. And they look at me like well yes. I'd like to try it but I don't have time to sit down for a whole meal now. They don't get they. Don't just take sit and take his standup bite or a snack. Either they sit for a meal and they talked and they communicate or or they don't eat so you know they they don't eat much breakfast. Maybe Coffee Little Fruit Yogurt. Maybe sometimes eggs on the weekend but mostly they have a big lunch and a big dinner right. Well that's I mean it's fun to hear about that kind of lifestyle to learn about it but we're not going to change our culture so we're going to have to adapt. These recipes are quicker lifestyle. We could though adapt in the sense that we eat food out a table bowl with people and not have a television or a computer screen or a phone on and we talk about the food and communicate. So I think that's something we we really should be doing for our health and be more active to being outdoors. You know. They eat food outside more often there with nature more often. I think there's several aspects aspects of a Mediterranean lifestyle that we would benefit if we tried to use more of them and I tried to put that kind of information in the book. I think it would. They have far lower rates. Having designing the pressure may do and I think a lot of it has to do with how they live. There's selling wonderful tips to start off the New Year Dr Steven Massively. Thank you so much for being here there. That was Dr Steven Massively. His book is called the Mediterranean method and he shared his recipes for White Fish Savita with avocado mango and tomato and four pairs post with wine and cinnamon. 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