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Amazon fire TV, it's available August, tenth, thirteenth. Sorry, thirteenth, so you can get ahead of the curve. I ten days on this. If you've got an Amazon fire TV. Yep, you are going to have your face melted earlier than everybody days before everybody else. Right and twenty days before world peace. So if you're lying, hey, I hate my face. I wanted to melt because I've just watched them incredible entertainment and you wanna get you wanna get in that last hardcore party before world peace. Now's a chance. Now's your chance. I was on fire TV, Sony crackle robbery, ski, master kademi Domus it do not miss it, starring Sam LeVine, please. I am a small part of of in that giant comedy extravaganza and I thank you for letting me come play. It was some of the most fun I've ever had onset, but do not ask me to do season to not interested in. Anymore. What a fucking tyrants. I cannot thank you enough. Rob Riggle guys. I am so grateful that I fooled you into showing up here today. I don't know what you thought you were going to be doing today, but you you showed up here and you let me harass you. How did anywhere big table here at the euro studio that the people that come on the podcast like to sign and rob is trying to figure out where to put his John Hancock, there's just too much. Great. Did you say handcock? I don't know what I said. I never you heard is the thing I says, I will put it all on the table. Right. <music>. Mara, I'm gonna wrap is thing up if you have listen to this. I wanna thank you. I really phone this one in today folks, but you know what? Rob Riggle. He lets me phone it in. That's what I did on ski master kademi founded in your life. But I still think it turned out well, because if you're not a good actor to begin with, it's hard when people for them to figure out if you get in. That's what I've always said. That's what Stanislavsky didn't teach. So I wanna thank you listeners for listening to what I'm sure I'm going to refer to in the future as my favorite episode gets all we can Ask. ask. I wanna thank the wonderful people who made today happened starting with Chandler. Barbie, Rob's fearless assistant who this legitimately would not have happened without. I wanna thank we had two people in the booth. Today. We had Jordan and Sam from the air will studios a hats off to both of you for making it seamless, shifting transitioning of the baton and allowing people to hear us. The wonderful ear will overlords and of course team chat show our head writer. Jamie Foxx, Corey eleven on post our producer Jason McIntyre and chat show himself. Mr. Kevin, Pollock, we miss you. We love you have fun at the master Pretoria m-. That's it for me. Until next time you may fuck off. That's Joe fires. Nola Marino where the hosted Dr game show on air will family friendly, live Colin game show with new episodes. Everyone. To comedian guests in the studio, play listener, creating games with callers. We've had guests colors from other. We'll shows like Michael, Ian black, terrible idea. Love for con poop on On Newsom. news. Diet, diet diet. Another day Carino. I'm calling from like grandmothers seventy fifth birthday party. I'm a goose survivor that goose wanted to eat my Brian saffy. That I've actually changed my shirt in my four as a low brow. He's attractive. No air conditioning. Active, it's chaotic. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before checkout. Deaf game show where ever you subscribe to podcast. This has been an ear. We'll production executive produced by Scott Ackerman, Chris Bannon, and Colin Anderson for more information and content. Visit ear, wolf dot com.

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