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Did you happen to see the, pictures yesterday of Sean on Olenin and. McCartney the sons the remarkable striking resemblance to John Lennon Paul McCartney is just amazing So we gotta go out on tour there for a while with. The two other sons they left out. Danny Harrison who also has a striking resemblance looks like like very similar demand so again. It's a it would be kind of imagine putting of. Course we're doing our own Beatle mania now coming up in November the Gordon center here, in still have everybody wants this picture. That I have with them When I went up into I spent the whole day with them in their hotel room Ask me how I got in there. Except that the, police officers in. Those days were a lot different than they are today and I, happened they, recognize me they just told me, where the where they weren't room. That was you know I was on the right floor but, I didn't know what room so I didn't want to relax I was in, the right place right it must. Have been the wrong this morning And I, went? In there and just spent the whole day During a in between shows and what have you. It was it was I didn't most of it on tape I, got a lot of it on tape and you still have I'm telling you put. All those together now you could probably put a lot of money from well. The the, very, few people have a picture with, them all four

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