Michael Avenatti gets judge to bar media from his testimony on Newport Beach law firm's bankruptcy


Allison Mack, who, was on smallville Clara broth men and heirs to the Seagram's liquor fortune and. Nexium co-founder Nancy Saltzman along with two others pleaded not guilty rainier his lawyer Mark says the alleged victims. Were never forced to do anything against their will this is basically a case as odd as it sounds about how grown. Adults are intimate with each other and the choices that grown adults make prosecutors accused of helping recruit women some who were branded. To be sex slaves and say. Brockman bankrolled Nexium they all deny any wrongdoing Julie Walker federal judge agreed to keep the, media, out of, the hearing involving stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Abernathy convinces a federal bankruptcy judge in cali- To allow him to testify. In private in a case involving the bankruptcy of his now former law firm you also. Ask the judges seal his testimony back in may the judge ordered the firm to pay ten million dollars to another lawyer who claimed it misstated prophets Associated Press and several other. News organizations want the judge on seal the transcript of, his testimony, the. Push for privacy is an. About face, for, the lawyer was demanded President Trump and his former lawyer reveal information about the. One hundred thirty thousand dollars stormy Daniels was paid Tim McGuire wins news. Time to fifty one From, the ram trucks traffic center here's Jeff Johnson and. The rise in Westchester is a pretty good one looks like our down tree has been taken care. Of on the northbound side of these sawmills so everything reopened there and looking good on to eighty, seven in the cross. County Parkway for now no problems at all a little road work on the southbound, merit right, near the. State line through Greenwich but. Overall it's quiet ninety, five, looks good more we see on long island's big three is a decent commute for a few minutes is when you commute troubles on the LA northern, or the southern state Parkway's and in Manhattan aged. Wrap up the, northbound Harlem river drive construction any minute now closure by one hundred and fifty still. In place for another eight minutes or so and. Eastbound becuase still has workout by flushing avenue and here's what you. Need to know. About the, bridges and tunnels. It's pretty quiet Lincoln Holland George. Look good he Bambridge close for. The night as is the marine Parkway bridge I use the cross bay bridge instead. Alternate side parking rules are in effect today. I'm Jeff Johnson next report at three zero one on. Santan, wins wins news time to fifty two now the official And ten. Wins Accu weather four day forecast meteorologist Carl babinski with. This, live report Lane it's seventy three and we, have clouds early on this Thursday Shower activity, on ten ten wins Doppler radar on a downward spiral of course. This is good for the hours leading up to the morning commute most of what's going on right now on eastern Long Island, in New England can't. Also overlook the fact in north west. Jersey some spotty shower activity nothing that will lead to. Flooding certainly and later today l. shower. Activity will be widely scattered there could. Be a rumble of thunder one thing they will not be changing. It will still be quite humid highs today in the mid eighties then tonight we're expecting lows in the upper sixties to near seventy concern for late Friday is that thunderstorms occurring may develop some. Strong gusty winds and parental downpours as a cold front, pushes through it'll, be in the upper eighties ahead of that front then slightly cooler mid eighties and less, humid with sunshine and, a few, clouds this. Coming weekend right now seventy three, and cloudy. Humidity ninety six percent the wind light and. Variable cloudy seventy three we're headed down to seventy two in, midtown all. Maquis with a meteorologist curbed ski on New York's weather stay Asian ten ten wins wins news time. To fifty three ready for premium multivitamin but actually makes you feel better shoes GNC our in house science team combined nutrients and ingredients to deliver products that work that means a.

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