Ryan Reynolds At Center Of ‘Home Alone’ Revise; Augustine Frizzell To Helm R Comedy ‘Stoned Alone’


It's recess and all out of episodes of nailed it. So now I'm watching sugar rush on net flex. It's pretty good. If you like to watch people do something, they're actually good at as opposed to a hilarious parade of failure sugar Russia's, a cupcake car show and nailed it is like a monster truck rally. I just referred to watch an orgy of pastry destruction. Speaking of violent release, it's time for the entertainment news or as I like to call it your recess from the real news. Here we go rapper and Pulitzer prize winner. Kendrick Lamar will make his acting debut in the stars series. Power opposite fifty cent. Kendrick, Lamar rapper turned actor will Kendrick be the next Queen Latifah. The answer is absolutely not no only Queen Latifah, Queen Latifah, that question was a trap. A Frazier reboot might be in the works at CBS. I would love this not just because I loved the original Frazier, which I did because I love a family. Comedy centered around a man with a giant head, but also because Frazier would be an interesting character to catch up with in present day circumstances. What would Frazier be doing in two thousand eighteen? Probably trying too hard to be woke and drinking sharee before, watching the news every night. So basically the same thing as the rest of us, Sherry Niles. Ooh, bring back Niles speaking of rebe. Boots, Ryan Reynolds is rebooting home alone. Sorta the new film will be called stoned alone. And instead of a precocious young MacAulay Culkin being left behind during his family's trip to Paris, the movie will follow a twenty something we'd grower who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip and then has to fend off burglars will one of the burglars be Joe patchy, probably not, but I'm betting there will still be a scene where the protagonist orders pizza because that's one thing, eight year olds and stones have very much in common. Thank you for your service. Pizza delivery. YouTube has deleted certain videos posted by info wars, the bananas, Alex Jones channel that deals and conspiracy theories such as the sandy hook, shooting being a hoax. This is part of YouTube new pushback against hate speech and graphic content. The info wars content is still available on Facebook, watch where it can continue to confuse and frighten. Eaten all the grandparents who still use Facebook regularly, warn your grandparents and then tell them that if they want to see your pictures, they really have to join Instagram. The HBO series, dead wood is getting a movie. The show aired from two thousand four to two thousand six. It was a western crime drama and its fans were very intense. So intense that after several months of being told that I absolutely had to watch dead wood. I decided on my own in a totally non reactionary way that I would never ever watch deadwood. But I do look forward to being told to watch this movie, people recommend because they care recommendations are the sixth love language. If you've never read the book, the five love languages are quality time giving gifts acts of service something to do with words, and then physical touch, which is the one I always try to explain to my dog when it's hot outside, and she doesn't want to cuddle with me. Take care guys. I'm Lydia. Harewood and I will catch you next time until then recess adjourned. The podcast you just heard was published with anchor, got something you want to say to the creator of the show, send them a voice message using the anchor app free for IOS and Android.

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