Jackson County Joins Ever-Mounting Litigation Over Opioid Epidemic


It's great to have you know him come here to our town and we know the eyes of the world are on us. Today absolutely I mean it's we're disag- cited about at all this is, fine to see everything happening far away from the. White White House and halls of congress townspeople. In, granite are optimistic the local economy will pick up with the reemergence of the US steel plant and a little. Hard work grind city already great city but he's going better everybody in around the surrounding areas Brad show NewsRadio eleven twenty Cam Lexi presidential motorcade is, on its way the president already having land landed. At Lambert Airport where he greeted many well-wishers. Including Missouri's governor Senator dick Durbin says he. Stands with steelworkers in granite city but is criticizing what he. Calls the administration scorched earth policy on foreign trade what we have now is a threat to our export markets in many. Different areas who would have identified Canada is the culprit. As this administration has. When it comes to the trade War I wouldn't Durban minority whip in the Senate made his comments on CNN. The. President is, hailing a trade breakthrough with European allies. As he travels to granite city Camelot's news time twelve oh two A brush fire. Near Ottawa California has prompted evacuations and threaten more than six hundred homes and authorities thinking arsonist may have started it all, the blaze, dubbed the Cranston fire broke out Wednesday at San Bernardino. National forest according to reports officials, believe the blaze was intentionally set one. Person has been detained for questioning entertainment tonight's Kevin Frazier in Los Angeles now says according to a source singer Damien Levada was not partying alone before she, was found unresponsive in LA home and her, family had been concern Levato was. With people they were hoping she would not be with kmox news time twelve oh three Missouri county that includes Kansas City Jackson county becomes the latest municipality this sue opioid makers distributors and, pharmacies over what it calls the worst manmade epidemic and modern medical history. Jackson county says in the lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court that the epidemic has burdened the county with, opioid. Related hospitalizations Emergency medical responses to overdoses babies born and withdrawal incarcerations and child welfare cases came awakes AccuWeather sun and clouds wore more humid today the high. Getting up to eighty six can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm in. A few spots this afternoon the evening and then clearing and more comfortable later tonight lows sixty five beautiful tomorrow mostly sunny pleasant the high getting of two eighty four I'm. AccuWeather meteorologist need to four on the voice. Of, Saint Louis cammo wax and right now we have sunny skies it's, eighty, five degrees downtown at the arch and taking a look at the business Bank of Saint Louis business desk. The central banks stressing. Interest rates will stay low well into next year even as, US, Federal Reserve, is expected. To keep raising rates. In the coming months the central, Bank for the nineteen, countries that use euro left its key rates and monetary stimulus settings unchanged at a. Meeting today at its headquarters in Frankfurt the Dow from St. Philis up ninety eight points at twenty five thousand five hundred Hundred twelve I'm Carol Daniel kmox news time twelve I'm probably okay to have one more drink.

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