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Is. Review of the speech in Kansas City I told. You about Because this is. This is the sort of news format that most of the print press was going. To use this morning To report on it President Donald Trump tempered his threatening, rhetoric toward Iran Tuesday two days after he sent an all caps warning of future conflict Did you ever think, we'd get to the point where instead of dropping bombs on countries The president was. He cinnamon all caps tweet oh getting the bomb shelter he's cinnamon in all caps tweet Can't you can't you imagine the. Melos gathered? Around. Their leadership what does this mean all all caps all. Calves you ever done an okay can I okay Sears business bombs may be the mother of all wars addressing the national convention, of the veterans of foreign wars Trump took credit for pulling the US out of the Iran. Nuclear accord but said his administration? Stands, ready for Iran to. Come back to the negotiating table He said quote we're, ready to make a real deal not the deal that was done by the previous administration which was a disaster he has used the word disaster in a long time Ramon while US intelligence agencies maintained that. Iran complied? With the Obama era agreement to halt its nuclear? Program Trump had complained? That the deal. Didn't do enough to curb Iran's malign. Influence in? The. Region Trump also highlighted part of his agreement with North. Korea's Kim Jong last month to transfer some remains of Americans killed in the Korean war back to the US as an example. Of his support for the nation's veterans as his new VA secretary begins his work Okay so one two three four five sentences down sort of buried in this story Is, Trump's, promise to bring, home the remains of fallen soldiers In the Korean war who are still in Korea Something that has not been done in fifty five years Which received a rousing applause standing ovation And they describe it, as an afterthought but to that audience it mattered to the reporter clearly not, so much Speaking in Kansas City he emphasized efforts to help more veterans see private doctors known as, the choice program he said he made. The trip to pay, tribute to men and women who make freedom possible Veterans. Choice has been passed Trump boasted to applause promising it would reduce wait times for medical care So that's a pretty powerful accomplishment achievement and something that really mattered not just to. That audience but to all veterans because we've heard stories. About the VA and how bad it is But it's buried in this. Story eight paragraphs down Robert Wilkie the new secretary of veterans veterans affairs. Has has insisted that he won't privatize the VA despite concerns caused by Democrats Wilkie accompanied Trump to Kansas City Trump noted that the new VA. Secretary was confirmed Monday by an eighty six to nine vote joking that the, democrat lawmakers voting now are the. Super left's who are running against me in two and a half years the president also maintain his position in the ongoing culture war over professional athletes kneeling during the star spangled banner On Friday Trump called on the. National Football League to impose stiff penalties on any player who protest during the national anthem Trump said we don't apologize for America anymore we stand. Up for America we stand up for the patriots who defend America and we, stand up for our national anthem You. Should have heard the applause. At that moment now you could say well what, does it matter that's not really so important That doesn't, really matter, it's just the national anthem it matters to. Voters a lot of voters Trump's also raising money for Missouri Senate candidate Josh. Hawley who's challenging Senator Claire, mccaskill in a race that's key to Republican efforts. To maintain their Senate, majority, clip number nineteen Ramon? If you would please go Tom again Farda majesty with president Donald J. Trump said king, of Iran If you cross, this line, it's on like Donkey, Kong boy, he got, his Twitter face This all, full of that's how you jail if. You're only can type instead. Of like yelling Browett, feel proud to be American adapt. Moment he, didn't even misspell anything. He, just told him like it was like it is he said never ever threaten, dog no because it was. All caps who said never, ever threaten the United States. Again, or you will suffer consequences Which view throughout history of average suffered. See that's how you know. He's.

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