House Republican leaders hold off conservative push to impeach Rosenstein


In Cobb County governor deal today health announced the, four hundred twenty foot tall tower which is to be part of the North American headquarters. For the Tucson croup elevator company it's near SunTrust park and. Executive James Susie has the breakdown. You'll be nine hundred full time employees will be between six hundred and fifty to seven hundred jobs that will be. New to the state of Georgia and then we've got about one hundred twenty five people from Alfa Reta that will be moving. Over to pop county as well the tower will be a test facility for the company county leaders had to approve an increase, in the maximum allowed structure height let it be built. Eighty seven. Degrees on Peachtree street. It's two oh one WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish says most of the crash Ninety this afternoon Atlanta's most accurate. And dependable forecast is coming up house speaker Ryan, says he will not support the effort of some Republican lawmakers to impeach the deputy attorney. General rod Rosenstein Jamie do free two point with a band. Of conservatives who want the deputy. Attorney general impeached speaker Ryan says he doesn't think the dispute over documents rises to the level of high crimes and. Misdemeanors telling reporters congress can't be cavalier about the power of impeachment and confirmed there will be no vote on this today the. Trump administration defending its plan to help American farmers caught in the middle of the escalating global trade war secretary Steve Mnuchin took, issue with how the administration's twelve billion dollar emergency aid. Package for. US farmers has.

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