Amazon beats estimates, Wall St. breathes sigh of relief


Around Again You got a purpose Movers and shakers they. Cost a little lower Greg Bloomberg market movers and shakers with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly on Bloomberg, radio everybody time for a look at your winners and losers movers and shakers on this Thursday. Afternoon we gotta start right with the earning because Amazon Intel and an all out, Amazon let's go through the those results because the stocks up about three, point three percent here in the after. Hours, Amazon the headline. Numbers second quarter net sales, fifty two, point nine. Billion it's a little bit. Light the estimate was four fifty three, point four, billion and the third quarter. Outlook the company saying third quarter net, sales Jason, fifty four to. Fifty seven point five billion that too is. Light the Wall Street estimate is. Fifty eight point zero three and the PS. Number you heard Charlie do it like to see some clarification if this is indeed the number because it's so it's a big, beat five, dollars seven. Cents the estimate that we've got currently on the Bloomberg terminal to forty. Nine so that would be certainly a, big But everybody's also looking at, the of the stock was down a little bit too down, about three. Or four. Percent now it's up almost three point four percent this feels like why those, reports Carol where people are trying to figure it out waiting to get a little bit more. Explanation you get that sound you hear a sell side analysts up and down Wall, Street scribbling in typing using spreadsheets to try and figure out what this, all means I wanna move over to. Intel, briefly a second. Quarter revenues coming in at, seventeen billion, at beating. The estimate of sixteen point. Seven nine billion they are boosting their, view for, the year a second quarter. Adjusted EPS coming in at a dollar, for the, estimate there was. For ninety six cents so that feels like. A pretty clean beat for the. World's largest semiconductor may tell down three point. Two percent here in the after hours so we're gonna need to see but you know what's interesting is Amazon sold off initially, think down, almost five. Percent right after three adults and then it's bounced back and now it's. Up four point four percent let's see There's some follow through when it comes to Intel. Other year revenue they're looking for, sixty nine. Point five billion plus or minus, billion, that's one thing that that that may be, catching people a little bit by surprise especially. Given what they are. Saying for this quarter you know trying to come up with, some consistency about the rest of the year let me mention Amgen second quarter. Just at PS three eighty three that, is better than the forecast of three fifty six or path a sales up seventy eight percent, so this. Is one of the key metrics when we're. Looking at Amgen and also saying a succession planning for two executive officers so it sounds like the replacing. To top executives said looking at kind of the c. suite working around with that let me just, take a look at Amgen here in. The after hours it's up about. One percent here, feeling like a lot of executive turnover being asked his quarter just as we did it, we saw it with Gilead. Yesterday surprising the street a bit, with their. CEO CEO Changeover and obviously some. Other moves less expected coming out over the past few weeks Amgen, it's Shaun Harper their executive VP, of research and development and a. Sixteen year veteran he's going to be succeeded by David had been a senior vice, president translational scientists and oncology so there are definitely. Some changes, I'm just taking a look at the Amazon live blog stocks now up. All of their fangs are now, up around half a percent from the market close or Libya shaver she's across asset was reporters weighing in on that Amazon providing guidance. For the third quarter expecting revenues between fifty four and fifty seven point five and that is a little bit light Alice expectations. For fifty eight point zero three billion so a little, bit more insight into that one definitely will be looking for. Color from the call as that comes out and we will be monitoring. Very closely this top light blog. As you and I have talked about this it is the best cheat sheet there is. Out there for us because we, get to leverage all those great journalists and analysts Both inside this shop and outside as the sell side especially starts to pour in with their initial reactions, to. Amazon Intel Amgen. As you say we are in the, heart of the earning season. Carol no doubt about this is a busy week and speaking of earnings, we've been talking about. It all day and rightfully so. Facebook you know twenty four hours ago Jason we were all over at Facebook was your number two decliner in the s. and p. five hundred disappointment about so many different, metrics user engagement and revenue outlooks on that stock was down eighteen point nine percent in, today's session going as low as a twenty percent decline also seeing Starbucks crossed the Bloomberg terminal. Third quarter just did EPS sixty two, cents a. Share a penny better than the forecast comes. Up one percent and that's a little bit better than the forecast which was for an eight tenth of a percent. Rise let's get a quick check on your index report the vix. Down a hair down about point. Four percents of x. closing on this Thursday at twelve point twenty four you're listening to Bloomberg.

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