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Ten and one zero three one w. g. y. big gathering up north way in Boston spa Senator Jim Tedesco calling for parole reform legislation to keep sexual predators who are simply. Confined from voting also wants to see the worst of. The worst violent felons kept in prison also. Went hand Regina and Michael Stuart parents of Chris Stewart who, was killed along with Deanna rivers Laviolette crash on the north way in December of two thousand. Twelve dentistry pleaded guilty to. Fifty, eight counts of the accident admitting he was drunk on drugs. And was texting behind the wheel when he rear ended the car that Stewart was driving Michael Stuart. Says the, process of opposing. Dentist ruse parole took a lot out of him and, his, wife and he. Says he favors extending the waiting period for parole hearings from two. To five years tough process to go through obviously two years is, definitely not enough time for us to regroup the efforts, to move into five years of be so much more beneficial, to victims, and their families Reform measures that. Tedesco wants have passed the Senate but if not passed the assembly, more diamonds, at the case against Nexium marketing company and self help group that was based here that some of called a cult now indicted next games president. Nancy Saltzman her daughter Lauren Clare Bronfman organizations operations director also the arrows to the Seagram's liquor empire also died of the longtime, bookkeeper for the group Cathy Russell among the charges they face a dentist theft extortion and money laundering earlier this year Nexium founder Keith Rene and smallville actress Allison Mack were indicted on charges. That included sex trafficking and forced labor several months ago. Next team announced it's suspending operations in the. Wake of the indictments while the city of Albany looks for, answers to the increase in violence more information is being shared the Albany police department is sharing. Access to new data portal. With, the public the.

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