Emma Thompson is joining new 'Men in Black' spinoff



Let's move on to some spinoff news. The men in black spinoff is gearing up in. We have learned the Emma Thompson is joining the cast reprising her role from par three. Ben tell us about it yet. That's basically all we know from this one is that is that Emma Thompson who played agent zero in twenty twelve's men in black three is going to be coming back to reprise that role the so we know that agents era was sort of like the leader of the men in black. She took over that role after rip torn who played Zad in the first two movies. I guess he died in the third entry. It's been so long since I've seen men in black three, I thought at once in the theaters and basically just completely forgot about the movie. I know involved time travel. There's a lot of weird stuff going on that, but Emma Thompson is great. I mean, any movie that that adds her. I mean, like she automatically makes everything better. She's an Oscar winning actress and Oscar winning screenwriter the I think the second time that she will be returning to play the same character in a popular film franchise because she was also in the Harry Potter movies. So we know that she's the leader of the men in black and also Liam Neeson has been added to the cast of this spin off. We knew about that, but he is going to be playing the. Leader of the London branch of the minimum black and this spin off or reboot, or whatever it's going to be is supposed to take the action to more global scale. So maybe the two of them are going to. I don't know if they, they could have a big business meeting about how they're going to run the minimum black on a global scale. I don't know exactly if they're going to interact in person or share the screen. But if they do it, don't make a nice nice little reunion for them because they were both in love. Actually back in two thousand three now, did we always know that this is going to be said in the same universe? I mean, I, it is a spin off, but it's kind of a bit of a reboot as well. Did you connections? I mean, I think they, they have not said whether or not Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. The stars of the the first three movies are going to be coming back, but I would not rule out a quick cameo from them. I think just I guess because I haven't set it on this episode. Chris Hemsworth antenna Thompson are leading the cast in this new edition, but. But yeah, I think this is the first official connection we have between this new movie and the the original trilogy. So I don't know. I mean, that certainly opens the door for the possibility of a cameo before wills Mathur Tommy Lee Jones and now that, yeah, now that we know it's one hundred percent set in that same universe. I'm going to predict right now that Will Smith appears either in one of the final two scenes of the movie or in an after cry or cry in credits. Seen that that's my prediction Mark down. Yeah, let's move onto Hamilton which might be headed to the big screen sooner than we think, but not as we had hoped Chris toilets, but it. Yes, everyone knows Hamilton, it's a huge, hit a Pulitzer prize winning musical. Everyone knows what it is even if you don't follow Broadway news and as is the case with most big musicals it's only a matter of time before Hollywood comes calling and turns this into a big movie and we had assumed it would take a while for this just because the film is the place still running and they don't wanna, you know, have it have the movie competing with the play. They want to get as many people at the play as possible. But now comes word there is going to be a film sooner than we thought, but it's not going to be the big Hollywood remake of the play instead right before Lin Manuel, Miranda the creator and original star of Hamilton. Left's the original cast along with pretty much all the original started to leave in two thousand sixteen. They recorded a alive performance with the entire original..

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