Kelvin Benjamin was wrong to throw Cam Newton under the bus - Carolina Panthers Blog


You can hear every preseason game every regular season game and let's hope every postseason game right, here on the flagship and speaking of Panthers panther talk the official radio program of the Panthers every Monday night from six. To seven, here on WBZ and opening up the show, last night Eugene Robinson mixing Jim Zogby talking about, that that side story coming out of buffalo, this week the news of the weekend, where, Kelvin. Benjamin the former Carolina panther says some things Jim whoa what did he say? And how would you describe the Panthers reaction to it so Kelvin Benjamin in a nutshell said that he wished somebody other than the Panthers had drafted him earlier in his career, and that he had played with a quarterback like Aaron Rogers or ally manning or Ben Rothlisberger basically naming three future hall of famers and ripped our quarterback while. Doing. So so that was it it was an interview with the Atlantic and why he chose to take that. Route I don't know Eugene just I didn't feel like when. He was here even after he left it there was animosity or bad blood that k b, and the team but there's gotta be some hurt feelings over that's the Panthers credit their reaction when Ashley Greg Olsen and. Some other, players about it was either to say nothing, coach Ribeira did an address it or players Greg, Olsen who just said well hopefully focused on, his team buffalo and grasp that but, kinda, came. Out of nowhere wasn't?.

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