The right plate might nudge kids to eat more veggies


You what her name is right now and we've got to win I it will be a. Female Well I can't tell you what her name is speculation. Is that it is the McComb county public works, Commissioner Candace Miller speaking WJR news Candace Miller said she had no comment Paul manafort's longtime deputy as testified today against him in federal court, Jerry Bolander was there in. A matter of fact voice Rick gates testified that he and Manafort committed, crimes together gates who is the. Prosecution star witness and has pleaded guilty to two felonies testified that it manafort's direction he didn't report the company's control over multiple foreign. Bank accounts in Cyprus the Grenadines and the United Kingdom. He, also, testified, that, he helped Manafort falsify, tax returns and gates admitted taking what he described as several hundred. Thousand dollars for Manafort. That, wasn't authorized Jerry bowed Lander at the federal. Courthouse Alexandria Virginia Kentucky Republican Senator Paul rand Iran Paul, rather is in Russia where he, held meetings with the rush In parliament members in Moscow correspondent Frederik play Chen says Paul was asked to help out, alleged Russian, spy Maria patina currently there. Was some Russian lawmakers who asked him whether or not he could ask. For, Maria Boutin of course the Russian gun lobbyists. Who has since been accused of being a spy for the, Russians. In the US whether, she. Could be released and sent back. To rutta whether he could help with that it's unclear if any. Sort of arrangements are being made their WJR news, time seven oh four millions of federal dollars are on their way back to Michigan to repair one of the worst roads in the state, one hundred million dollars is. On the way from Washington finally fixed Mound Road mccone county executive Mark, Hackell says the big job will. Start in a couple of years because the current repair be something scholas- into the future this reconstruction of that roadway with this infra. Grant funds that we have is going to take us. You, know, thirty, or, forty years out so, we're gonna be tearing it up putting putting that new roadway inn I'll be starting in twenty twenty twenty, twenty one the new project will include a new, roadway pedestrian. Overpasses, and will be wired and ready for autonomous vehicles you could call it mound on the rebound. In Warren, Ken Rogulski WJR news if you're having a tough time getting your young kids to eat their veggies a, new dish could help researchers from the university of Colorado, found that giving children's segmented plates. With pictures of recommended foods in each of those compartments lead kids to eat. More, vegetables the. Ideal ages to try this are with kids four to eight on days when kids use the segmented plates they serve. Themselves nearly fourteen grams more veggies per day on average and, eight about seven and a half. Grams more than, on days when they use normal white plates that's about an additional baby carrot or two per day a small. Increase but researchers say even this little change can help create better eating habits for kids as they, get older, I'm John Stolnis WJR news. Time seven oh five we're gonna head out to the roads with Tracy Thanks Marie and good evening Detroit and Oakland County eastbound. I sixty Ninety-six after. Hoover road you still have minor, delays from crash on the right shoulder southbound. I seventy five after I six ninety six the right shoulder affected from an accident there in also on I seventy five southbound this time after Dixie highway the right shoulder black from, a crash there I'm Tracy racks WJR traffic first on the fives from the. WJR weather center better than average, storm chances around the motor city all week long with the chance for thunderstorms right on through Friday scattered storms tonight seventy degrees some heavy weather tomorrow some gusty downpours. Small hell possible tomorrow Eighty-three and then more afternoon storms, Wednesday temps in. The low eighties, from the Weather Channel I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore loose talk seven sixty WJR seventy five degrees. Right now I'm Marie Osborne WJR news. The next. Update it's at eight o'clock or whenever news breaks The following is presented.

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