Odell Beckham Jr. in meetings with New York Giants


Season we never stop working because of their talent and trying to win a championship and because of their hard work watch the WNBA season-long on ESPN two in streaming live on the ESPN app This is golden winged go the giants have opened up talks, about a new contract star, wide receiver Odell Beckham he should be deserves. To be one of the highest paid if not the highest paid. Wide receiver of the game what if the. Giants and Odell agree on. A three year fully guarantee at sixty million dollars, you are going to start guaranteeing deals like that for. Stars like this it could. Be a way to do business curious because Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack one no party camp until they get that deal Langdale weekday mornings at six eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN news Valley goal bottom of the third And sandy lay.

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