7 fast food chains agree to end 'no-poach' rules

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From the city that changes the world this is your san francisco oakland san jose station now on amazon alexa opened the k g o eight tenths skill good afternoon i'm nikki medoro facebook is getting more federal scrutiny over the cambridge analytica scandal the wall street journal says the securities and exchange commission is investigating whether facebook adequately warned its investors about privacy lapses involving the data mining firm the report says the sec has requested information from facebook on how much the company knew about cambridge analytic has use of user data charges have been dropped against daniels after her arrest last night at a strip club in columbus ohio here's correspondent steve kastenbaum stormy daniels was charged with three counts of illegally touching a patron at the strip clubs sirens in columbus her attorney michael nadi told msnbc that female undercover police officers were in the audience during her performance they asked her if they could place their face in between her breasts columbus police officials said they've had an ongoing vice operation targeting illegal activity strip clubs for a while now i think this is ridiculous i think it's an absurd use of law enforcement resources a judge in ohio sided with avenue d he dismissed the charges i'm steve kastenbaum seven national fast food chains have agreed to end policies that block workers from changing branches of the same chain prosecutors from several states threatened to sue several restaurant chains for the socalled no poached practice the limits wages and job opportunities washington attorney general about ferguson announced binding agreements with companies including arby's jimmy johns at mcdonald's and cinnabon and if you're a parent you probably saw this one coming a build a bear promotion has turned out to be far more popular than the company expected the chain that lets customers build their own teddybears how determined shoppers away from its pay your age promotion today because it couldn't handle the crowds massachu parents scott made intel's a w cvb reporter he wasn't expecting hundreds of people and hours of waiting for kids to take part we saw it on facebook earlier this week and we registered but we live we live in holbrook so we drove over here just now and you didn't anticipate all this no i didn't really think that it would be like this well the chain says it closed lines at stores in canada and the us.

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