Dan Martin wins Tour de France stage 6; contenders lose time – OlympicTalk


So williams advances to saturday's final where she'll face angelique kerber who beat helena ostapenko in the other women's semifinal dow will appear in his fifth wimbledon semifinal where he'll face novak djokovic on friday kevin anderson will take on american john is ner in the other man's semi final at the tour de france dan martin of ireland one thursday state six for his second career stage win but greg van ever matt of belgium retains the yellow jersey as the overall leader major league baseball boston is ahead of toronto five three in the seventh at fenway the red sox are hoping to extend their nine game winning streak new york yankees and cleveland are tied for four in the eighth inning in the open of their four game weekend series washington leads the new york mets five three in game one of a four game series i'm donna bauge that's your bloomberg nbc world sports update all right thanks very much for that donor coming up next we're gonna be talking to yesterday call he's the ceo of wisdom tree and japan number of topics to cover their and among them the yen the hips faltering as a safehaven currency we'll talk about that coming up soon this is bloomberg imagine same seventy six is a crisp refreshing lager from sam.

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