Mass shooting in Toronto leaves 1 dead, 13 wounded, gunman dead


From ABC news Michelle Franson police in Toronto or still on scene of a mass shooting in the. City Sunday night one victim is dead and nine year old girl is. In critical condition police say the gunman also died. More from reporter Phil Edwards at our. Partner network scanning the shootings happened late yesterday evening outside a bar in the Greek town. Area of Toronto witnesses have spoken of hearing around twenty, shorts being discharged clipping spent reloading Clinton spent. Reloading clipping spent that's. What I heard and then I saw the carnage as I ran down the street base reported that one woman has died and at least thirteen other people have been injured and taken to various trauma units in the, city police say they don't, have a motive and it's too soon to say if there are ties to terrorism President Trump tweeting late Sunday night with an all caps warning, to Iran saying quote to Iranian president Ruhani never ever threaten the, United States again or you. Will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history of ever suffered before the The president's tweeden response to the Iranian leaders threat earlier. Saying America must understand well that war with Iran. Is the mother of all wars secretary. Of state Mike Pompeo in California speaking about Iran at the Ronald Reagan presidential library in. Simi valley and criticizing the Iranian leaders proud Iranian people, are not staying silent about their governments many. Abuses and the United. States under President Trump will not stay silent either in Missouri federal investigators are zeroing in on the captain of the sunken duck tour boat weather lifejackets safety are the main focus seventeen people died ABC's Marcus more is, on scene in Branson forty, say this is a criminal investigation at least until they can rule out the possibility that a crime occurred here we know that investigators have, already, interviewed the bulls captain coastguard begins pulling the boat out of the, water today investigators could start. Examining the boats data recorder was recovered you're listening to ABC news Doors..

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