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And AM New York. Hello I'm Caroline Wyatt and welcome to. The world this week the program that tells you how the world has changed in. The past seven days this was the week when Donald Trump's turbulent tour of Europe closed with a controversial meeting on the president corrected his statement about Russian. Interference in the election the brought him to power energy. Sentence in my remarks I said the word would instead of wouldn't The sentence should have been I don't see any reason why wouldn't why wouldn't be Russian collusion okay awesome we ask? Are, we seeing the decline of the west the week when. Europe and Japan signed the world's biggest trade deal even though others are being torn. Up and when lynchings in India provoked action from an unexpected quarter does he has a sort of role where it can advise governments on certain policies or. Even set policies in a way that you wouldn't think. A court would do all that after this Hello Jerry Smith with the BBC news Israeli military officials say they've, been no further airstrikes or other operations. On targets in the Gaza Strip since last night the Palestinian group HAMAs says a ceasefire has been brokered by the. United Nations and Egypt but on Friday Israeli forces hit dozens. Of targets in Gaza there's Tom Bateman reports the strikes came after an Israeli soldier was shot dead the. First such talented for Israel since the? Start of regular protests which? Have. Seen. More than, one hundred and forty Palestinians killed buys ready forces since March early this morning HAMAs announced a ceasefire agreement but, there was no comment from Israel the latest exchange of fire raised fears of a significant escalation between? The. Two sides with Israel's defense minister earlier warning it was being pushed towards a broad and painful military operation the UN's envoy to the region warned that Gaza was on the brink of Of war and urged restraint members of the conservative People's Party in Spain choosing a new leader to replace Marianna ROY is retiring after being ousted as prime minister in a, confidence vote last month thousands of delegates gathered at a hotel in Madrid to hear, the two candidates make final appeals support. The former deputy prime minister psoriasis on day Santamaria is vying for the top job along with the thirty seven year. Old congressman Pablo Casado he's about to take the party further. To the right the winner will lead the opposition to Spain's minority socialist government Facebook has suspended another data collection firm from using it, site well let's investigate claims the Boston-based crimson hexagon. Maybe using people's information to build surveillance tools here's Dave Lee crimson hexagon says it collects the vast amounts of public data in order to provide consumer insights something, that is not against Facebook's policies however the. Wall Street Journal newspaper has reported that. Data firm worked with a group linked to the Kremlin as well as various US, government agencies using Facebook data for surveillance is against the sites policies and so the network has launched. An investigation Cuba's lawmakers are expected to approve a new constitution later today which will then be put to a public vote, this weeping reforms. Would see private property recognized for the first time since. One thousand nine hundred seventy six more grant is in Havana The new president Megan the canal is seeking to preserve the socialist character of the Cuban revolution or boosting the long stagnant economy on the island nevertheless state and military run. Entities will remain dominant in Cuba are the. Key changes include the introduction of a prime minister to the, Cuban political system dividing the roles of head of. State and head of government and the imposition of term limits on the presidency of two consecutive five-year terms world news from the BBC Pakistan's malady minority community say they're boycotting the forthcoming elections because of what they say are discriminatory laws they've, complained that Ahmad is being placed on a separate voter registration, list categorizing them as non Muslim community leaders say this violates their right to religious self identity as Muslim Investigators examining how seventeen people died when the terrorist boat sank on a lake.

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