Guinness Opens Its First U.S. Brewery In 64 Years


Marshall county, high school shooting survivors organized the protest sixteen year old, khloe Hanky claims adults rationalized their decision to invite north by. Seeing that the students are quote just kids kids since what happened at our school we haven't been able to feel kids or. Even act like one Murray state is thirty minutes away, from Marshall county high school where students were killed in a shooting last January north. Told rally-goers children should be protected in schools and promoted the NRA school shield program. That offers consultation and grants for NPR news I'm Cory charbonnet. Marie Kentucky President Trump, is preparing to hold his third rally this week he sent to. Travel to Ohio today NPR's Sarah mccamman reports he's stumping for Republican congressional candidate near Columbus he's campaigning for Troy, Baldursson an Ohio State Senator who's running against democrat Danny O'Connor. In a special election, to fill a seat left open by Republican congressman Pat t berry. He resigned out of his apparent frustration. With the current political. Climate the rally is part of Trump's larger. Push Republicans ahead of. The November midterms and you're listening to NPR news California. Governor Jerry Brown's scheduled to visit Shasta county today with a car, fire in northern California has killed six people and destroyed more than a thousand homes forecasters. Calling for more hot and windy weather in the region, today issuing a red flag warning for extreme fire danger in Europe temperatures are expected to climb, to near record highs. In Portugal today where hundreds of firefighters are battling a forest fire in. The southern part of the country forecasters say. The heat is being driven northward from Africa and they say temperatures in Portugal and. In Spain expected to remain above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit at least until tomorrow Guinness has just opened a new brewery in Maryland NPR's Bill chapel reports it's the company's first US brewery in, decades Guinness is brewing. Beer in America for the first time in more than sixty years. The company that's famous for making stout, closed its last brewery here in one, thousand nine hundred fifty four after Realizing that Americans really really like lager this new, brewery will focus on brewing Guinness blonde lager hoping that becomes a hit in the US. Market Guinness and its parent company Diario also want to, draw big crowds to visit the new brewery which sits between Baltimore and Washington DC Tom day, is the chairman of. De is US beer operation we get one point seven million visitors year. Over at the brewery and Saint James gain. Ireland we're hoping for three hundred thousand people here they've started counting heads now that. The brewery is officially open and pouring pints. Bill chapel NPR news and I'm child Snyder NPR news from Washington Support for NPR comes from indeed used by over three million. Businesses. For hiring more employers can post jobs and. Use three hundred questions to build their short list of preferred candidates learn more, at indeed, dot com, slash higher and the, corporation for public broadcasting.

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