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Answer I'm, Barbara Kusak ruling from a federal judge says the Trump administration must restore program that protects from deportation some young immigrants who were, brought to the US legally as children but the judge decided. To stay the order until August twenty third to give the administration time to decide whether to appeal the latest DACA ruling the investigation into the October mass, shooting in Las Vegas. Has been completed but Clark, county sheriff Joe Lombardo. Says months later one question remains unanswered we have been able to answer the questions who what when where and how what we have not been able to definitively answer is the why Stephen Perry committed this at Houston's police chief says a man. Accused of killing one of former. President George h Bush, doctors killed himself when confronted by thirties chief art. Esa Vado says sixty two year old Joseph Pappas who was wearing body armor died from a single self inflicted shot to the Ahead correspondent Carey shoemaker, reports one of the nation's largest hospital systems agreed on Friday to pay sixty five million dollars to settle allegations of Medicare overbilling, in California prime healthcare services and its CEO have agreed to. Settle whistleblower allegations that fourteen of its hospitals unnecessarily admitted patients and build the government for treatment they didn't need the US attorney's office says hospitals generally receive, higher payments from Medicare. When a patient is admitted, rather than placed under. Observation forecasters are keeping tabs on hurricane Hector as it makes its way across the eastern Pacific the latest from correspondent Bill Michaels there is the potential for Hector to bring some impact to portions of the Hawaiian islands by mid week but it's. Too soon to determine an exact. Path for the storm, state officials say this is a good time for. Everyone in the Hawaiian islands to ensure, they have their hurricane plan in place Barbara Kusak Recovery.

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