Small plane crashes in Southern California parking lot, killing 5


Boulevard they treat you they treat me like family and tell them Karen said ya Plane crash at a parking lot five people dead after a small plane plunged from the sky right toward. A strip mall and Santa Anna California what made the twin engine Cessna go down isn't known the. FAA says it and the NTSB will be, investigating the FAA saying the pilots did declare an emergency, and then shortly after that the plane went down -freshing into, a parking lot outside of a, Staples store the plane was. Inbound. John, Wayne airport, in Orange, County all. Five people, on. Board were killed BC's Alex stone President, Trump clearly, admitting, that the focus of his sons 2016 Trump Tower meeting was to get dirt on Hillary. Clinton the president said the meeting was totally legal and routinely done in politics to get. Information on opponents but the, statement he. Dictated last year said the primary. Purpose was to discuss Russian adoptions, in Venezuela investigators hunting. For those behind a failed attempt to assassinate President Nicolas, Maduro with explosives. Laden drones they've raided hotel seized vehicles Dave, Packer ABC news W. r. m. f. a. St. to Karen Curtis here with Lindsay moans she's with southern. Coatings Inc which is a roofing company you have trucks out there that say got roofing right yes Scott roofing is our slogan and. That's what we're here to do it's important to protect your, roof is not too late for this hurricane, season. Definitely not I mean it's very important to always keep. Up with roof maintenance the roof is your first defense against any hurricane I understand that you have a. Roofing system that can protect, up against a category five hurricane yes SEI is. Known for its SPF roofing. System this is a spray foam polyurethane on it was. Stands category five winds utterance sixty mile. An. Hour winds, that's amazing what should a homeowner do once they sustained damage during a storm getting contact with your roofing contractor we. Do commercial and residential and we will be there right away when you call us at SEI and. That's what we've been doing for the past, forty years so look for their trucks rolling. Around out, there got roofing and call the number eight eight eight s., c. i. roof talked to the, owner Scott Peterman or you. Can talk, to Lindsay Molin she's also with SEI we really appreciate you thank you CBS twelve meteorologist Kate twin soul high temperatures will, continue in the upper eighties this afternoon with heat index values highest. One hundred only a twenty percent chance of. Fast moving showers a few isolated storms inland will be possible other than that wins out of the east at five, to ten for the evening at twenty percent chance of. Showers partly cloudy skies. With a low near. Seventy eight Coming up, for the Monday morning show we'll talk about everything that happened that you need to. Know over the, weekend and at eight thirty five we'll talk to actress Rosanna Arquette time since I talked to her that'll be fun show starts at five.

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