Cleveland Browns trade WR Corey Coleman to Buffalo Bills for draft pick


Going to foxsports Sunday Bob on the wheels of steel, Iran in the show, Steve Sager joins us for our final segment where. I at least for this hour St. we still have baseball going Mckee bats, at RBI single MVP candidate Dr not candidate candidate because his teammate JD Martinez who had two out two run single bottom of the night to help things along Boston was. Down four one bottom of the ninth they've just one. In the tenth over the rival Yankees five to four Mookie Betts is hitting over three forty leading the majors. By the way his home run tonight his twenty six of the year JD Martinez lead the majors in, homers RBI's with thirty three. Home runs and now ninety three RBI's. We're in the first week of August he has ninety three. Batting, about three twenty catch hack Wilson no not exactly who. Has since. One, thousand nine hundred, thousand thank you Red Sox scored the tying run on a two, hour throwing. Air they win it in the tenth. Five four it ends in. About ten minutes to one in the morning at, Fenway pack meanwhile have you. Noticed the NFL news today that we had the trade of the woeful Cleveland Browns trading another one of their woeful first round draft, picks wide receiver Corey Coleman goes to the Buffalo Bills for according to NFL network eight late first round and unspecified pick at this point Peter King among the many football writers sending this out the Cleveland if you look at their first rounders between two thousand. Nine up through twenty sixteen that's eleven different first round, picks not one is left on the Cleveland Browns not one let me ask you a stupid question I'm pretty. Good at that I also see the Brady Quinn talking about it but he didn't bring up does this, have anything to do with. Kelvin Benjamin popping up about Carolina because. I guess they weren't happy about that in in buffalo I. Assumed, it had more to do with Josh Gordon that he's. Actually closed Quinta but I don't know maybe I'm thinking, thinking outside the box here. Who knows I might also have something to do with the other horrifically awful receivers around Benjamin in buffalo right now I mean rod, Streeter Zeta Jones I just don't think they have any depth either but Tasker No Maybe No. Shortly I don't think they're gonna be asking the pro football hall of fame game the unwatchable annual exhibition nonetheless was the top rated TV show of the. Night it was about six point eight million viewers by. Comparison the Stanley, Cup final clincher got six point six million viewers this. Year so the last, game the championship of the hockey season clinch that night got fewer than the first exhibition of the football. Season Saying that is insane and, by the way the hockey numbers this year that was up fifty percent in the ratings from the year before. Their game five, so it's just studying how, much fine if you want to say, football ratings are down it's still just kills all weekend for baseball in Seattle they were a ton of Blue Jays fans in from Canada it was. A superb superb atmosphere so much so that many players. For, the Canadian side the Blue Jays talked about wishing they could take the fans with them back into, Canada for their home games last night though in the game at Seattle there was. One Blue Jays fan who let's just say there was a bet on the line and he interrupted the Mariners Jays game last night in the night and. Streaking onto the field and he was eventually tackled by. Security and ushered, off well the Blue Jays reporter Hazel may from sports. Net says the streaker, is a citizen living in Vancouver but a citizen of Ireland and so may be forced to return to Ireland depending on how the legal situation plays out after last night's arrest outside Canadian borders her, update this afternoon was that her source with the sheriff's office in Seattle Had the streaker still incarcerated today by the way could be deported all for. An eighty dollar bet better go bail them out we're talking AFC north next Your.

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