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It had been a lover's quarrel according to the people who spread the story she and her boyfriend had been dancing with the rest of the people inside chicago's o'hare nri ballroom when the young couples stopped moving and started yelling at each other place was loud so no one was quite sure whether to were saying their body language made it very clear that neither of them was very happy apparently it was the young woman who decided to leave the dance hall so she stormed outside and stood in the cold night air that's when she realized that her boyfriend the man she had just been fighting with was her ride home so she decided to do the only thing she could think she would hitchhike she walked the side of the street and raised her hand toward oncoming traffic surely one of the passing cars would see her white dress in the darkness and pullover but after a few minutes she became frustrated perhaps she stepped bit farther off the curb or maybe the next car was just a bit too far out of their lane but a moment later tragedy and the speeding car struck this was nineteen thousand thirty four according to the legend or maybe it was nineteen thirty three it could have been earlier too but that's because no one really knows if it all happened there are no police records of a woman struck by car outside of the oh henry ballroom in the nineteen thirties and the story doesn't give us names to go on all it does is give us the backstory to a much more popular tale for decades drivers on archer avenue a road that leaves chicago to the south west and heads toward juliet have reported picking up a woman on the side of the road when she climbs into the car and they ask where she's headed always gives an address that keeps the car headed north on archer when they passed the old resurrection cemetery just a few miles away the driver is always startled to see his passenger is gone these are stories vocal legends that have been handed down from generation to generation over the last few decades they are that sort of local folklore that becomes a part of the cultural fabric of the area if you grew up in chicago southwest suburbs you've probably heard some version of these stories at some point in your life but again they're just stories stories of ghosts can have an impact on the real world can they i'm not so sure about that take the experience of william in nineteen thirty five he borrowed his father's car for the evening and it was driving along archer avenue at night when a woman in a white dress stepped off the curb near the henry ballroom and into his lane williams swerved to avoid her and crashed the car into utility pole when he looked back to the curb there is no one there four years later another area man had his own sighting of the ghostly hitchhiker jerry palace met a young woman in white dress at a nearby curb he claimed to have danced with her and even kissed her before she asked for a ride home jerry wrote the address down and then headed north up archer avenue when they came within sight of the resurrection cemetery however is passenger asked him to be let out there according to policy the woman exited the car and walked up to the gates of the cemetery and then simply vanished he probably waited for her to return expecting it to be some sort of practical joke but she never did finally drove away but the experience never really left him the following day he pulled out that slip of paper with the address on it and drove to the house to see if the young woman had made it home the woman who answered the door was old enough to be his mother but policy asked about his friend anyway according.

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