Thai cave rescue: Operation set to resume


Four rescued shelter in place in haiti i'm elliot francis in thailand rescue operations are expected to resume again at daylight for the remaining eight boys soccer coach trapped inside a flooded cave for who were rescued sunday recovering at a local hospital david mckenzie updates their condition we do know that three of them were relatively well enough to be taken by road widen had to be airlifted back there no confirmation on witch boys officially out of the cave as you can imagine the communities in this area all desperate to know who is out who remains and what their state of health is bruce woman has died after being exposed to a nerve agent used in the poisoning of an ex russian spy done sturgis died sunday after being hospitalized in southern england back on june thirtieth when she came into contact with that russian nerve agent police in britain believed the two touched something contaminated with that nerve agent the incident also to forty five year old man in critical condition of the state department is encouraging us citizens in haiti to shelter in place following violent protests near puerto prince more detail for mature us embassy in haiti issued a notice that us citizens should not leave their hotels or homes until further notice because of ongoing roadblocks and violence in response to a government ordered fuel price hike here's the quote from the state department which warns do not travel to the airport unless you confirmed your flight is departing flights are canceled today and the airport has limited food and water available telecommunication services including internet and phone lines have been affected throughout haiti and it may.

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