Ebola: medics brace for new cases as DRC outbreak spreads


I. evolve spreading to the Democratic, Republic of Congo conflict zone and. This is a scenario that, health officials have been dreading so a week, after the World. Health Organization said we're clear of latest Ebola epidemic this new one popped up. Which is why I would just say guys don't jinx anything just do not say an epidemic is done or a. Little. Outbreak has done don't say that because something always pops up and I understand you want tourists and trade and industry to calm down. Relax. But you, know a lot, of times, we speak too soon Well they say the, outbreak in. The, Democratic Republic of Congo has spread to a city surrounded by rebels they said creating. Challenger challenges that responders are dreading they said one probable case. Of one suspected case of emerged of the city, of OH in VR sees North. Kivu province and a we, chat self is not under rebel control Salama, Peter Salama who. Is World Health organizations emergency response chief said the city is entirely surrounded by. Territory held by a feared you Ugandan insurgent group known as the allied democratic forces so they say for the first, time. We have a, confirmed case in an area with high insecurity This is a problem we were, anticipating at a problem at the same time we were dreading Okay in order for, us to stop Ebola from local regional and then global spread you need to get in there. You need to be. Able to take control and you need to nip it, in the bud Well if you can't get in there because it's an. Area. Controlled by insurgents or a group that could possibly do harm to you an aid workers you hesitate and a. Day two days three days maybe weeks or months go by and evola can spread like wildfire They say large numbers, of civilians have been killed by unrest, around Oita, aid workers priest government employers are currently being held hostage thereby insurgents So how do, we, get in there to start to contain the outbreak And, if the insurgents are already killing civilians and you say guys you know Avala killing some of the civilians. Are they really going to be that open to letting people come in See I I I love negotiate guys look I, don't, want you, guys get the Abullah so can you let us get in their door staff or get the people out But you're not really supposed to call. Them evil people patients that are being afflicted. With alleged Avila suspected of anyway so this outbreak is the tenth to hit the DRC since one thousand nine hundred seventy. Six this remember, has been around since the. Seventies it's just the the biggest outbreaks happened back in two thousand fourteen in the two thousand fourteen to two thousand sixteen epidemic so this latest what. Began on August one so we're about twenty four days into. It and it's already killed sixty three people out of one. Hundred three confirmed or possible cases and Salama warned health workers were expected at least one additional wave of cases so. Now these cases of made containing the virus more difficult so how do they operate in, complex environments and u., n. teams are only allowed travel to. Each, with armed escorts so if the. Number, patients or contacts of patients in the city. Searches the logistical hurdles not only the cows the cost will mount according to CBS News and, so the World Health Organization. Has been criticized on its handling of the two thousand thirteen thousand sixty in west Africa epidemic and we talked about that that killed about eleven thousand. Three hundred people so we'll Health Organization has pledged to revamp. Its response systems what went wrong back then well I think. A lot of things I think we were in the throes of a politically correct movement and so when people you. Know suggested while let's quarantine let's not let people come to the United States if they, traveled there let's try, and examine them that you know the You know with I think people were hitting gloving because they. Didn't want to you know? They, didn't want to trample on anyone's rights they didn't want to be politically incorrect remember there was that. Nurse that was pitchy she ended, up being right but she was furious that our government quarantined her because she could have been. At risk of having A Bola and spreading it And she threw the, biggest fed and I don't blame her I wouldn't wanna be quarantined if I didn't have to but sometimes to limit an epidemic We sometimes have to do, some things that aren't very popular And, after we had that one gentleman that. Came to New York I think it was on the,

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