Health Officials Worried About Containing Latest Ebola Outbreak


Happened a bowl has been spreading through an eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo for the last several. Weeks a now World Health officials have confirmed new cases of the disease in a town surrounded by armed insurgents NPR's marine Eisenman. Reports we'll tell officials, say this is the. Scenario they have been dreading the region where this outbreak is, percolating highly insecure at least twenty insurgent groups are. Active there frequently killing civilians and kidnapping humanitarian workers until this. Week all seventy plus confirmed cases of Ebola in this outbreak had been limited to towns and villages that health workers could get to relatively. Safely but this new patient and Two other possible cases are linked to a town called way m. that is surrounded by. A violent rebel group the world Hellenization says it was able to briefly send a team of health workers to isolate and vaccinate. People who had contact, with the infected patient. But they required an armed escort of UN peacekeepers Eisenman

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