Reports: Israeli court suspends razing Bedouin hamlet


Bbc world service hello this is the bbc news a few mcdonald one of the rescuers in thailand helping twelve young footballers and their coach who are trapped in a flooded cave has died the man lost consciousness on his way back from delivering supplies jonathan head has the details the first person to die during this operation was a former navy diver who volunteered to support the effort to rescue the boys the authorities say petty officer summoned gounon was making the difficult five hour journey back from supplying the cave with the boys and their coach have been trapped for the past two weeks when he became unconscious and could not be revived the navy says it's divers will continue their mission today they will try to take a communication line and a pipe carrying oxygen into the cave where the oxygen levels have dropped the united states is due to impose tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of imports from china as the world's two biggest economies move towards a food blown trade war levies of twenty five percent would be imposed on goods including aircraft parts and semiconductors china has warned that it will immediately take retaliatory measures british wherever swannee reports at the heart of this trade war is us president donald trump's insistence that china has been unfed in its trade practices and he wants to reset the balance beijing says that's not true and with these actions it says the us is opening fire on the entire world including itself what china means is that these tariffs will effectively make goods for consumers everywhere more expensive economists say global trade and global growth could be affected if hostilities between both sides continue japanese media say seven members of a doomsday cult which carry data deadly nerve gas attack on the tokyo subway in one thousand nine hundred five have been executed shukor sahara the leader of the ocean rescue group was among those hanged after years on death row thirteen people died in the attack and thousands were hurt the us secretary of state mike pompeo was flown to north korea for the first time since its leader kim jong un president trump last month mister pompeo is under pressure to produce evidence that pyongyang is taking steps towards denuclearization this report from morocco roy at the singapore summit last month that kim gentleman set to president trump that he's committed to denuclearization of the korean peninsula but that doesn't necessarily mean that he's ready to give up his nuclear weapons and according to us intelligence officials they have evidence that he's still upgrading the infrastructure for its nuclear missile programs the declaration in singapore was so vague that this may know violate anything mr kim committed to but it adds to speculation about his sincerity in peace talks bbc news the controversial head of the us environmental protection agency scott pruitt has blamed what he calls unrelenting attacks against him and his family for his decision to resign mr pruitt is the subject of about a dozen official inquiries into allegations of lavish spending and conflicts of interest chris butler sent this report from washington president trump has promised to drain the swamp and clean up washington but a series of stories about one of his own senior officials real concerns about how government money and staff were being used scott pruitt had become a hit figure for campaigners because of his removal of regulations for manufacturing and energy companies however the new temporary head of the environmental protection agency is himself well for former co lobbyist and the white house will be looking for a permanent successor who also prioritizes business a series of explosions the fireworks steppuhn near mexico city is killed at least twenty four people and injured about forty others video on social media issues a huge cloud of smoke over the site in to check the biggest blast places police and firefighters arrived at the scene emergency workers are among the casualties the israeli supreme court suspended the planned demolition of a bedouin village in the occupied west bank the court's decision came after a lawyer acting for the villagers launched an appeal the israeli government was given sixties to respond on wednesday more than thirty people were injured when palestinian protestors clashed with israel's really security forces after they moved in bulldozers to destroy the villagers makeshift homes japan's meteorological agency has warned that it expects more torrential rain to batter central and western areas of the country over the weekend the rainfall described by the agency as historic has caused widespread flooding and landslides at least.

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