Manny Machado worth acquiring right now for Phillies


Number ten for nick williams got frisky larry anderson ninety four wip phillies offense with just enough support for ace aaron nola they're only a game and a half back the brace for first in the national league east the story from kyw's ed bankin the phillies one for the sixth time in seven games as they defeated the orioles four to one manager gabe kaplan aaron nola work seven strong innings and pick up his eleventh win of the season at the end there we knew he was the best option to go through the teeth of their lineup and we had planned that maybe we'd go elsewhere but we got down to it and we knew that he was he was our best option nick williams added a two run home run as the phillies climbed to ten games over five hundred for the first time since two thousand eleven reporting citizens bank park i'm ed benkin kyw newsradio kappler made a mound visit in the seventh appearing like he was gonna pull nulla with two outs and runners on the corners up by one he elected to leave the twenty five old in the ballgame to face manny machado his game he earned that right good decision pop up no damage done most important part of that message was knowles this is your batter you doing all right the answer is of course yes he's he was feeling strong off today they start an eleven game for city road trip at the pirates tomorrow and that will lead them up to the all star break meantime speaking of machado manny machado get a nice ovation last night a little welcome to philly fans here that's enough to sway him that the giant check yeah machado sitting three eight this season with twenty one home runs it is very likely baltimore deals him by july thirty first nine waiver trade deadline the phillies are reportedly interested but it's a risk making this move because he's a free agent after the season and that would make an essentially a two month rental if he doesn't sign machado dodge the question about whether he opened assigning this summer with the team that lands him but by doing so he did not rule out that scenario seventy sixers that reportedly bringing back man amir johnson and a one year deal for the veteran's minimum and they also signed twenty six overall pick landry shamet tas rookie contract that's sports and davy ran kyw newsradio next on kyw newsradio after me i hereby declare on oath swearing in the children's support the constitution i'm pat loeb with a special citizenship ceremony that's become part of philadelphia's.

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