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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh a. Jury has been seated in the trial of President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort the panel consists of six men and six women, and opening statements are scheduled this hour NPR's Windsor Johnston reports Manafort is facing more than a dozen counts, of Bank and, tax fraud charges Manafort is accused of laundering tens of millions of dollars. From work on behalf of pro Russian Ukrainian politicians Victoria the study of the Brennan. Center for Justice says the case offers the first public test of special, counsel Robert Muller's investigative, reach, if you can gather this sort of documentation of financial shenanigans on Manafort than. Just imagine the sort, of data and documentation and evidence he's going to be able to gather on President Trump thirty five witnesses are scheduled to. Testify including manafort's longtime business partner Rick gates who Struck a plea deal with prosecutors Windsor Johnston NPR news Washington the president is taking shots at the billionaire conservative coke brothers today Trump. Tweeted quote the. Globalist coke brothers who have become a total joke in. Real Republican circles are, against strong borders and powerful trade he goes on to say I never sought their support because I don't need. Their money or bad ideas they love my tax and regulation cuts judicial picks and more. End quote NPR's Domenico Montanaro says the president's weak comes after the coke brothers network place an, ad criticizing. Trump's, new sheriff's some this split is remarkable I mean let's remember that the cook brothers network has pledged to, spend four hundred million. Dollars on these elections in really key races all across the country now the president says he doesn't need them but his party certainly, does and it really represents how Trump sees his own brand and his survival as separate from the party, NPR's Domenico Montanaro, we should know At. Coke industries the multinational company controlled by the, brothers is, among NPR's, financial. Supporters Turkish media are reporting that a court, in Ishmael has rejected, an appeal, for, the release of US pastor Andrew Brunson NPR's Peter Kenyon. Reports Trump administration has been demanding Brenton's release sentenced Turkish lawyer. Filed the appeal Monday asking, the court to lift the ban on Brenton leaving the country Turkish state media. Report the court denied the appeal after. Being arrested in December two thousand, sixteen Brunson was kept in prison for the better part of two years before being transferred to house arrest this. Month President Trump and other. Officials said, that wasn't enough and demanded Brenton's immediate release Brenton denies the terrorism related charges he's facing which carry a possible thirty five year prison term Trump. Is threaten Turkey with sanctions if Brunson isn't, released and returned to the. US Peter Kenyon NPR news stumbled the Dow is up one hundred twenty nine points at twenty five thousand four thirty six this is NPR from news I'm Tiffany Cam high Lake County authorities say they've arrested half a dozen people in the. Last two, days for crimes committed inside the evacuation zones of. Neighborhoods where residents. Have fled from wildfires the sheriff's office announced this morning that deputies have arrested six people on charges ranging from being in. An authorized unauthorized zone and an evacuation area to prowling. And possession of burglary tools the arrests took place in neighborhoods that became vacant because they were threatened by flames from what's been. Dubbed the Mendocino complex that's the name for two wildfires that burned some seventy five thousand acres and destroyed ten. Structures some, firefighters are battling these blazes even as they themselves faced displacement cake you idiot khloe. Veldman has more the wildfires burning in Mendocino and lake counties have already claimed tens of thousands of acres of forest Tricia Austin is a fire prevention specialists working for. Cal fire Is Mendocino, unit, like a. Few, of her colleagues she's being both professionally. And personally affected by the flames Austin. And her family had to evacuate their home in lake port near the Mendocino national forest over the weekend she arranged for her nephew to take her. Eighty six year old mother to Roseville and her pets, to Sacramento with a, friend once my family was removed from the situation then I was able to focus on my job and. I didn't have to worry Austin says if a house does Ben at least family will be safe I'm khloe Veldman k.. Cutie news.

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