Catherine Zeta-Jones's 15-year-old daughter, Carys, on growing up part of a Hollywood dynasty


After one fan saw the picture, and said I'm praying that peltz. Merrill with that ice cream Reese tweet tweeted no. Need to pray I got her mean she threw. Ice cream Meryl Streep season to probably not. Gonna air until next. Year but can't wait. To see that, that'll be fine in. Michael Douglas's turning this. Morning this is a little interesting, for the, first time of course he's married to, Catherine Zeta, Jones their daughter who's fifteen, she's appearing on her first magazine cover it's. Town and country she's with her mom she's fifteen year old Keris Keris Zita. Douglas and they're talking about the Douglas. Dynasty the family and she says growing up she had no idea what. Her dad did she didn't know he was an actor honestly. Thought he was a, pancake maker They just hired, him to, make breakfast and she also said that, she was, on my gosh she said, she was bullied because of his age because. He was fifty eight when she was born now he's seventy three and yeah To get her some old. Streets of San Francisco rerun watch those here's our David. Rankin our app today today's called translate photo this app can use your camera to translate foreign signs in printed materials into English or. English language signs into a different language it can convert the words instantly into ninety. Different languages you just, have to, take, a picture of the. Sign or the, papers of the books and watch, as the app translates the words you can also listen.

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